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  1. Michael Arizona 12 Ping i3 160 yards
  2. Mike - AZ 12 handicap/100mph swing speed Ping G25 driver G410 plus
  3. Doesn't the closed face equal low launch? I am talking a deep face and don't want to drill it in the face and be hitting from the sand again.
  4. I need some help in these thin Arizona bunkers. I am always amazed how the standard bunker shot becomes simple whenever I travel out of state and find nice sand. Where I struggle is here at home. Even the better Phoenix courses are thin In the bottoms with coarse sand. You are generally forced to chop the ball out. Sounds doable, however we have many deep bunkers with pretty steep faces which makes the chop not an option unless you go out backwards. The flop shot works, but you have to hit perfectly which makes consistency an issue. So, the question is, what would be the proper technique to get a high soft shot off of a thin lie in a green side bunker? Thanks
  5. What a tract. Great course, conditions, and service. These folks have it right. It's like a links course, can see the ocean on 18 holes, and greens pull hard to the water. Great experience.
  6. Update on Ocotillo. Still in transition. Phil's team is moving at a slow pace to update this course. They put in concrete and mats for the driving range which a low end move. They are also slow at revamping tees and greens. Course is unplayable currently with little to no grass on fairways. It's really a shame.
  7. Talk to me. That's one part of my game that has never failed me. I had a scratch frat brother teach me a few things when I first started playing, and have stuck with it for 30 years. Ball back, slightly open stance and clubface, hit down on ball, and hit down until club hits turf. I make slight mods for various scenarios, but those fundamentals keep me centered. Use multiple clubs and practice “string walking” (archery term). The gist is have one swing for chips but use different clubs for different distance. With the chipping motion, here are my numbers...10-15 yards LW, 15-20, SW, 20-25 PW, 25-30 9. This all depends on how much rough you have between you and the green, but these numbers assume about 5 yards. I try to keep it systematic and consistency follows. The key is to keep the same stroke and change the club for distance.
  8. I was playing East Lake a few years back and I have to proclaim that this is one of those great golf experiences. No carts, only caddies who are very knowledgeable. My strategy was to let him tell me what distance to play the shot. I didn't want to hear actual yardage, wind, uphill, downhill, etc. True reliance on the caddie's expertise. It worked great for 8 holes. As a 10 handicap, I only worried about the number. Caddy was perfect and played my game until 9 tee. He says “ if you par 9, you'll break par on the front”. I truly had no idea where I stood. I had no thoughts on any golf swings, other than line, and the same for putts. So, I slice it into the trees on the right, make double, and proceed to limp home from there. That one comment totally got me off track and I couldn't rebound. I learned a huge lesson that day, and am better for it, but those 1st 8 holes on East Lake were one of my personal gems.
  9. Tilt my head to the right so left eye is over the ball. Just like Jack.
  10. I don't think about it. On the tee, I use the Jack Nicklaus method and focus on a small target a few feet in front of the ball to start the ball on the right line. On the green, same deal. I honestly have no idea where the logo, number, etc. sits.
  11. I prefer to go Freddy style and wear no glove. I will don a Footjoy weather soft if my hands are slick from sweat or rain, but that's the minority of the time. Even then, I never wear a glove when hitting my wedges or putting. If it's cold (I can't stand cold hands), I'll go Tommy 2 gloves.
  12. I have a similar issue. I don't do it most of the time, but under pressure, I seem to come over the top and either hit a straight pull, or slice the heck out of it. Not sure if this helps, but I picked up a recent tip that is helping. As you take your stance, imagine that someone is standing on the other side of the ball and parallel to you. So, you're facing each other on opposite sides of the ball. Now, on your downswing, try to cut them off at the ankles. You'll find that your “over the top” will hit them in the shoulder. If you can cut their ankles, you're coming from the inside. Good luck.
  13. Golfers need to be a responsible bunch. This is an honor game, unsupervised and not governed except for you and your personal code of ethics. I've seen too many unethical things on the golf course and you can't pass up a teaching moment. Whether it's repairing divots and ball marks, or holding your partners up from hitting because they may hit “the best shot of their life”. It it's possible they are within reach, hold back. I will hold you harmless for not being able to see them, but make sure to drive forward and apologize. I've done the same thing and I think it goes a long way and diffuses the situation. Sending an adult beverage forward also helps.
  14. This doesn't sound like an ad at all. Dude, it all depends on the day. 8 iron is money, some days the driver is god. My 56 star shines other days. Good talk.
  15. He seems to lack patience. We've all been there. Dude needs to stop hooding his putter. That's a new move that isn't working.
  16. 3 years ago I was coming off of a bad putting round and saw Kuchar using the longish putter. I went to Golfsmith and found a 44” NIke Core Method putter marked down from $180 to $28. I decided it was worth the experiment and continue to ride this train. Consistency on distance and line have greatly improved. It seems like I make everything (maybe a bit of an exaggeration) inside of 8 feet. My crew now hates my putter and have tried numerous times to outlaw it and/or steal it from my bag. Love the Kuchar/SImpson style!
  17. I honestly don't get it. Find it, measure it, line it up and hit it. Anything else is overblown. Some guys on tour just look perplexed.
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