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  1. Bob/Kentucky 20.5 Ping G 160 yds Would be nice to compare to the Ping G how much of a difference and improvement.
  2. Bob, Frankfort, Ky 95 mph Titleist AVX or Pro V1x, still trying to find the right ball for me.
  3. Name- Bob Locale- Frankfort, Ky. Rounds per year- 50 or more-work in pro shop at course Social Media Accounts- snapchat, instagram, twitter Handicap and Swing Speed-19, 95mph Current Set- Titleist TS2 driver, ping G irons, cobra 3 wood, titleist and mizuno wedges Desired Cobra Set-conventional
  4. 1. Bob-Frankfort, Ky 2. 19 95mph 3.Titleist TS2 4. Epic Flash I would love to test them against each other. I work in a pro shop at a golf course and would be able to test multiple times a week.
  5. Report post #1 Posted Friday at 11:48 AM Bob, Kentucky Your current handicap-19 Your current golf ball-Titleist AVX I am looking for more ball speed. I seem to have lost about 10 mph in club head speed since last year.
  6. Bob Frankfort, Ky 2. Handicap-19 3. Current Wedges- AW: Calloway MD4 50* SW: Mizuno 54* Blue Ion, 8* of bounce LW: 6000S 60* 4. Your desired set/lofts- 48* 54* and 60*. My pitching wedge is 44 so I would like to try and close that gap to see how it works. XW-1
  7. 1. Bob, Kentucky 2. Footjoy pullover top from 1995-still works! 3. here in Kentucky you get everything from torrential downpours to icy rain. Played in all. Probably worst was when it was about 40 degrees and it felt like someone was pouring buckets of water it was raining so hard.
  8. I would take the tuned golf. I wear sunglasses on the course anytime it is sunny.
  9. Welcome from central Kentucky!! Always great to get an addition from the Bluegrass state.
  10. Bob Kentucky Titleist 917 D2, 10.5* Diamana regular flex I have never been fitted for a club and bought the driver from somebody I play golf with.
  11. Great opportunity! I would love to try this and incorporate into my exercise routine. Bob Kentucky Titleist 917D2, 9.5*, Mitsubishi Diamana Blue 60, regular flex, 61 grams Swing Speed-100
  12. Name: Bob State: Kentucky Hdcp: 16 Irons: Ping G, AWT, regular flex I would love to try the i500 and compare to the Gs.
  13. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Bubba Watson Tier 3: Xander Schauffele Tier 4: Kiradech Aphibarnrat Tier 5: Peter Uilein Winning Score: -8
  14. Foz's shot was great! started at right edge of green and worked its way back to the pin. My best shot was probably the approach on 18. I was 80 yards out and told Foz this is my worst distance for a shot. Then hit it 6 feet from hole and made the birdie putt!
  15. Bob, Frankfort, Ky 17 no method currently used.
  16. This is cleaned up the best I can. A man was watching golf. His wife kept bugging him to go out and do something, so he gave her his credit card to keep her quiet, and told her to go shopping. The wife goes to an antique store and browses around. Eventually she finds an old, plain, and shoddy full length mirror. She inquires as to the price. The proprietor tells her it is $10,000.00. She ask as to why a mirror in such bad shape was so expensive. The proprietor tells her it is a magic mirror that will grant any wish as long as it rhymes. To spite her husband for ignoring her, s
  17. Thank you! I will definitely try to get out of my own way and shift my focus to accomplish it.
  18. I just started playing again in March after a 23 year layoff. I am playing better for the most part than I hoped. The swing seemed okay and scores were not terrible. Handicap is at a 17. Last Tuesday I went to the range and was in the middle of hitting golf balls and it was like I forgot how to swing. My swing went from riding a bicycle with regular wheels to trying to ride a bicycle with square wheels. It was the oddest thing. I could not hit the ball square to save my life. Then on Thursday I went and hit the ball as well as I had since starting. On the weekend I played in my city's c
  19. #2 all around, year round. I have had it that way for awhile. Easy to take care of in morning. No muss, no fuss.
  20. I was watching Scratch Golf and TXG was a recommended video to watch. I watched it and now I am going through all their videos. I really enjoy how they combine things in the video.
  21. Sounds like the colors match. Brands do not matter. I agree there is really no wrong thing to wear-just be comfortable.
  22. The regular course I play is fairly short and on some holes there is not much difference between white, blue, and gold. Only on a couple of holes is there a significant difference. We normally play the blues.
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