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  1. I also bought the 211 st blades. I'm a senior, and I thought I was idiot too, but I love them, and I'm finding that they are just as forgiving as the cavity backs that I had been playing. I think the biggest hurdle is trying to get use to the look. Don't get me wrong they are beautiful, however they look tiny . I find that if I just play within myself with them they are really great clubs! Enjoy! Been bad weather, so looking to get to play them much more
  2. I recently ordered the PXG 211 st blades and I love them. I'm a senior with about an 18 handicap and have never played blades before. I went from Cobra fly-z xl 2* flat irons to the 211 st blades 2* flat and they are sweet! At $89 per iron, they are worth every penny!
  3. Roger from Northern Nevada handicap 18.6 I currently play Titleist Ap1's my current carry distance for a 7 iron is about 135 yds I just turned 75 and would love to test the new Ping 710 irons
  4. Roger Northern Nevada Odyssey O-works 2MCS weakness
  5. Roger Verdi NV 18.7 I play with a 46, 50, and 56 all Ping I’d very much like to try the Bridgestone wedges
  6. Roger - Nevada handicap 18.7 I enjoy soft feel and always play a yellow ball Currently using Srixon soft feel
  7. Roger Northern Nevada Ping G max 7 thru UW, Ping g hybrid 3, 5, and 6 orange dot senior shaft 7 iron 130
  8. I am new to mgs and would love to test the Cleveland HB irons. My name is Roger and I live in Northern Nevada. I am 73 years old and play to a 16 handicap. I currently play a mixed bag of Ping irons. I have a 3, 5, and 6 Ping G hybrid. Then I have 7 thru GW that are Ping G max. They are orange dot. Years ago I played a set of Cleveland HB irons and I'm not sure why I left them. As I said, I would love to test a new set. I will be at the very least looking forward to others opinions on the newer ones.
  9. Very interested ! name: Roger current irons: Ping G soft regular shaft Handicap: 16.2 Review preference: C300 forged
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