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  1. Scott Indiana 10.5 Ben Hogan Edge CFT Truetemper Steel Ping i500
  2. Scott Indiana Ben Hogan CFT Edge Irons / steel shaft / stiff flex 7 iron - 158 I'm an engineer with extensive testing background
  3. Scott / Indiana 52 - Ben Hogan TK15 56 - Ben Hogan Riviera 60 - Cleveland CG15 Weakness - 50 to 70 yards. Handicap = 11
  4. I have not had lessons. I started down that road but was generally disappointed with the cost of the lessons and the quality of the instructor. I have been curious about the effectiveness of online lessons. They are generally less expensive and the instructor's beliefs and methods are normally on display for all to see. I have no idea what kind of success people who have had online lessons have had.
  5. Scottie from Indiana Ben Hogan CFT Edge Irons with True Temper steel shafts Handicap 11 My preference is C300 Forged but would gladly test standard C300. Engineering background with lots of testing experience. Average 3 range visits and 1 round a week.
  6. Hello I'm Scottie. I'm an engineer and big golf fan. I've been studying swings and swing mechanics for the past 4 years trying to develop methods to help me improve.
  7. Welcome to the forums slatuszek :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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    1. slatuszek


      Thank you. Would love to be involved in testing.

    2. slatuszek


      Thank you. Would love to be involved in testing.

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