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  1. Yes. Although there have been sales on the low end all-in-one units, I would stick with this. The only downside is taking it apart and putting it together every round. Using the remote, it's easy to control. Still waiting on the sidekick I ordered in November (but when I ordered it, the tentative delivery timeframe on the website was this month so they aren't late yet). I have to use two scorecards on the cart to put enough pressure on the pencil holder to keep the pencil from falling off. Before discovering this, the pencil would keep falling off. It's nice to be able to walk to a remote part of the green while using the remote to place the cart closer to the flag. It's a keeper.
  2. I bought the V2, their omni cart (replacing a really old bag boy speedcart) and sidekick before Harry's review came out. When I paid for the sidekick, delivery was slated for March while the cart/V2 was immediate. I just checked their website and they've closed ordering for the sidekick until some future date. I think they had to close ordering so they could fulfill the orders they've already received - 1.038. They are also out of stock on the omni cart. Supply chain issues still remain, especially for these tiny startups. I've been happy with the cart/V2 combo using the remote. Back 9 is pretty hilly and I can grab the cart handle to help me up some of the hills. What a huge difference between this and having to push a cart uphill. There are 5 lights indicating battery charge and I always finish with 3 lights still lit so pretty confident it could go 36 holes on a single charge. They recommend recharging the remote every 3 rounds. I highly recommend a front wheel that turns rather than a fixed one. I experimented by locking the wheel on my cart and it makes a difference in maneuverability and the surface you are on makes a difference too since the fixed front wheel is being dragged sideways. The manual says that in speeds 3 - 6, a fixed wheel cart might not turn - I didn't test this. I normally use speed 3 or 4. It has good sidehill and up/down hill stability with wheelie bars installed. One humorous warning: the e-brake won't hold the cart on a steep hill. I stopped the cart too close to a bunker and it rolled in.
  3. Ted San Diego, CA Yes, back 9 of home course is hilly so it would help alot. Sun Mountain Speed Cart
  4. I absolutely need a line on the ball for putting. I've just started using a check go but used a cheap ebay ball liner before that. I haven't used the "square the club" line for putting or driving - I'll have to add that and give it a go. If you are trying using a line for the first time, you have to put in a couple of practice sessions on the practice green to experiment with where the ball is in relation to your body when first lining up the ball. I'm right eye dominant so when I squat down to aim the ball, my right arm is just inside my right knee. Then you back up several feet to confirm the line, align your putter to the line on the ball and putt. When you stand over the ball, the line will not look like it is aimed where you want, you have to trust what you did. When I am standing over the ball, all I am thinking about is pace since I already figured out the line. It's improved both my accuracy starting on the intended line and my pace control. YMMV. But I am definitely in the minority in my senior club - most people do not have a line on their ball although judging from their lack of ability to start the ball on a good line, some should try it.
  5. Ted/California 16 Ping G30 148 yards
  6. Ted - California Cobra BioCell - Adjustable set to 10.5 - Matrix 5.5 - R 14 - 94 - Voice Caddy SC100 No
  7. Ted / California 15 / 94 Cobra BioCell G410 Plus
  8. Ted - California Cobra BioCell with stock Matrix shaft 94 - 14 9.5 with Tensei Blue R
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