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  1. Thanks! Turned 34, and couldn't play golf since it was windy as hell and poured all day. Hooray! But spent it with my 1 month old son and wife, so it wasn't all bad
  2. I was in a similar boat as you with not knowing what I should be fit for. I actually just went last Wednesday to get fitted at a Club Champion here on Long Island, not sure if they're over there in the UK. I went into it with 15 year old Nike Slingshot OSS clubs I had been using since senior year of high school. So I was looking to get out of those and get something closer to a blade, with no brand in mind, since Nike hasn't made clubs in a decade. Tried The Mizuno Hot Metal, Callaway Mavrik, Ping 425, and the Taylor Made SIM2 max. Everyone's going to be different obviously, but I bumped up almost 10-15 yards with the SIM2 and had much better consistency than I didn't know I was capable of. Long story short, I would just find yourself a fitter that will give you the most options and can work with you. Club Champion literally has 30,000+ configuration options with club heads/shafts. Don't pigeon hole yourself to one brand, because you may be pleasantly surprised at what you end up with and what you'll be able to make the golf ball do when properly fitted. I went in looking for more of a player's iron, but ended up with the SIM2's which are technically a game improvement iron. That and they look pretty sweet, so I'm not complaining. To my wife's delight, I wasn't fitted for the most expensive club on the market pre-customization! Good luck!
  3. Eric/ Lindenhurst, NY Shoe size: 9.5 I've been wearing a pair of True Linkswear I had gotten from ShortPar4 a while back. Couldn't tell you what model shoe it is from them. Main thing I look for in a golf shoe, or really any shoe for that matter is overall long term wear/comfort. Could be nice to check these out.
  4. Eric Lindenhurst, NY My grandpa built me a platform and jerry rigged a net for me when I was a kid. Been looking to get a net for my house, but always balk at mixed reviews. Would love to test this one out I don't use or have a launch monitor
  5. Eric Lindenhurst, NY Callaway Big Bertha Haven't really kept track in a while, but usually 10-15 over a round ~110 TSi2 Just got done testing CBD, and I don't know if the northeast has much golf left in it this year, but would like to try these out for sure!
  6. I'm seeing this as well. I feel a lot better using the oil every day. Once I stop for a day or two, i realize its not the miracle cure i want it to be haha. And the minor aches and pains aren't muffled like they are when using the CBD supplements.
  7. Just a quick little update from me. Haven't posted in a while. After taking the gummies at night daily for a little over a week, I can say I'm pretty sure it's helping me sleep better. I'd been on a long stretch of waking up a couple times a night going into this test. I didn't see the results right away, but I feel like over time using it (as well as the tincture) it built up in my system and the gummy at the end of the night gives it a little boost to a relaxing nights sleep. I can say I've gone from pretty skeptical about the gummies, to finally seeing some results from them that I'm happy with. Starting to organize my final review. Didn't think I'd have much material, but turns out, I have a good bit to share.
  8. I literally was just looking into this yesterday! I'm assuming I'm not eligible as I'm currently testing the Kanibi CBD. Maybe I'll hold off on purchasing to see what you all think. Especially if anyone gets the 4ft wide 8ft length private course medium stimp, with 2 cups into the grain and 1 down grain, and contour shims . Good luck to all!
  9. I would definitely go cream for immediate relief. The cream for me is almost a numbing sensation and almost instant relief. That being said, i do usually follow up with the oil later on. But the cream itself I've been pretty happy with. But like TR1PTIK said, depending on the severity, you'd be better off with a combination at least. Either way, gummies I've been using primarily at night as I don't really notice a difference in myself taking them during the day. Everyone metabolism/digestion is different so you may see different results on that front however. I feel like i rambled on that. Long story short, I'd say use cream on site first, and follow up with oil for best results from what I've experienced.
  10. I second this feeling. I play alone majority of the time, and sometimes get lucky and they let me go out solo. Nothing like having the course to yourself. Whenever I play with others, I feel like I should be a tour pro and play better than everyone else. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But hell, thats why we're not all millionaire tour pros right?
  11. Actually played the par 3 at Smithtown Landing. Played 18 at Bergen Point in Lindenhurst. Haven't played brentwood in a while, but a nice course and relatively cheap for what it is.
  12. I've only done the gummies one time before bed. And did the tincture in coffee saturday morning. Both from what I've seen do have similar effects on my sleep however. I do use the tincture quite a bit. I'm going to do the gummies just at night going forward and see if in that aspect they'd be more useful to me.
  13. This weekend I took advantage of the beautiful weather we had here on the island. Played 9 holes Friday afternoon and 18 on Sunday. Friday went to a little par 3 course near my office just to get some time on the course in before the weekend began. Had brought my gummies to work and ate one shortly before I left. To be honest, i haven't gotten out much at all this year, which I'm real sad about, but was good to at least get some swings in and it not be at a range. First shot of the day, topped it. Brushed it off, and since no one was around, dropped another ball and dropped it 7 feet from the pin. Much better. I usually not one to get frustrated as it is, but after topping my first shot, all i could do was laugh it off after watching the second tee shot fly right at the pin. Ended up shooting a 29, overall pretty good iron practice for me. To be honest, I don't know if the gummies are anything spectacular for me. The tincture however, big fan of so far. After getting home, eating and watching some TV, took a full dropper (recommended dose) of the tincture. I must say, each night I've been using it, I do wake up a little more refreshed. So far, very happy with that product. Waking up the next morning, I decided to give putting it in my coffee a shot. I did a full dropper in it, wasn't overpowering, but gave it a slight/subtle minty taste. If I'm being honest, don't know if it made it have no effect on me. I'm guessing diluting it made the potency a lot less and didn't have the same effect. That being said, I was very productive on Saturday. Same routine that night, took a dose of the tincture before bed, and woke up early for my 9AM tee time. Ate a gummy for good measure and off I went. Played with an old friend and two other random people. The random two were heavy hitters, which usually intimidates my first tee shot. Not today! Out drove everyone, and was feeling pretty happy with myself. Round went pretty well, not many mishits, and shot an 84. I'm curious if taking the tincture and eating gummies regularly is making a difference in the anxiety/nervousness as it builds up in my system. If thats a thing. Later that night however, the thighs, calves and ankles were feeling like I was a 75 year old man in a 32 year old's body. Perfect opportunity to get the sport cream another test. After putting it on, it was a pretty instant relief in all areas for me. Soreness went away as though it never existed in the first place. The very potent menthol smell really only exists when you first get it out of the bottle. After rubbing it in, it was almost a numbing sensation, and no smell. I was pretty impressed with the result. I also don't know if it was my eyes deceiving me, but I had a bruise on my calf which i put the cream on too and it looks like it is almost 100% healed an no longer there by Monday morning. Anyone else try to put this on bruising and seeing any results like that? Side note: Wife had also tweaked her wrist and couldn't move it without a pain. Let her use the cream on it, and she forgot all about her wrist. She may also be a believer in the CBD cream for injuries and recovery. So I guess from my results so far, what I'm seeing is that the tincture and cream are definitely products I would use in the future and the jury is still out on the gummies. Although they are really tasty, I don't feel any difference in my demeanor or anxiousness on/off the course. Maybe in the coming weeks that will change Also, saw a deer on the 2nd hole. So that was cool
  14. I can definitely agree with them about the choco mint. Zero hemp flavor to it.
  15. Kinda figured that would be the case. Through saliva/bloodstream is quicker with pretty much anything. I think I'd also like to compare if the delayed release by digestion would compare in overall feelings. Curious if there's a difference. Truth be told, I dabbled quite a bit in my college years into my mid-late 20s in the other part of the plant. And eating/smoking were definitely two different effects.
  16. It was a pretty quick change i'd say. Within minutes. I mean, i'm usually a relatively calm guy as it is, but wasn't really tired last night. I was going to not take the full recommended dose, but figured, I'd go for it and tweak it as I go along in the testing. Took the dose, which helped stop my mind from racing and relaxed me. Closed my eyes and next thing i knew my alarm was going off. I've been waking up 1 or 2 times a night recently, first time i slept all the way through in a while. Either that or my wife didn't kick me in her sleep last night
  17. I just took the dose straight. Over this week, I'll play around with putting it in tea/coffee, or even see if in a glass of water would taste alright and effect the way it affects me. (I never know which effect/affect to use, freaking grammar) But by itself, was great.
  18. After not getting to sleep till late into the night, thanks to playoff hockey OT, I took a full 1ml dose to see if it makes any difference in tiredness the next morning. Woke up at 630 this morning to get ready for work, after falling asleep around 12-1230. It's only one night, and can't say if it attributed it to anything per se, but I feel like I'm the most well rested i've been in a while. I don't have any apps or fitness bands to get solid data, but I do feel better than I have in some time. I'm going to keep using it for a week, see how productive I am, and then take a week off, see if my body points me in any direction. Also, 2 side notes. Kanibi definitely nailed it on the flavor profile of the choco mint. Delicious and no real aftertaste which surprised me. And did we all end up picking different flavors? Looking at all your pictures, I think we've got every flavor covered, no?
  19. Hey Lacassem. We all received the variety pack with just the standard cream, no roller. It does have the menthol smell, and gives a tingly heat/cooling sensation after applying. Not at all messy
  20. Me sitting too long and getting up hurts my back sometimes. You sir put me to shame. Was hoping i could get to use this before/after playing hockey too, but thanks to Covid, the rinks aren't open for games. Hopefully within the next couple weeks we start up again and I can get some info from how it stacks up in other sports. Hopping to get on the course the next day or two and start contributing to my testing obligation like you all are. Been having some crappy weather here recently. I'm in the process of writing up a first impression post for here with some initial findings that some may informational? Maybe? I leave you with a puppy trying to escape a bowl. Reminds me a little of myself trying to navigate through my early thirties. Until Next Time!
  21. As my fellow testers have said before me, the word ecstatic doesn't really cover the excitement to get the variety pack from Kanibi. Had an unexpected test run today with the gummies. Dare i say, i'm a 33 year old child sometimes. Big scary spiders? I got 'em. Take a hand saw and saw down far enough through the nail bed of my thumb and when you squeeze, blood shoots out? Fine. Needles? I clam up and get lightheaded. Long story short, went to get a flu shot today. All that being said, popped a gummy about a half hour before I went. Success! I'm a big boy now. So far so good. Can't wait to get on the course and see if my knee and or ankle acts up and see what the cream can do. And actually plan out and do some more extensive testing with this stuff. Looking forward to see what ailments are cured for everyone else too!
  22. Hey everyone, name’s Eric. I live in Long Island, NY. I’m 32 years old. Turning 33 Oct. 26th. (so, you know, if anyone wants to get me a present) First time reviewer, long time forum stalker/reader. Want to thank MGS again for the chance to make my first foray into the CBD world through a test for you all. I dabbled into the THC world quite a bit back in my college years and early twenties, so I guess it’s only fitting (fate? Ironic?) that I was chosen to give the other side of this plant a whirl. Hopefully something that I experienced with the product over the last month or so will sway anyone if they are on the fence with some first-hand information from myself and my fellow reviewers. I don't have any fancy shmansy high-tech stuff to back up any claims, but i'll give you my honest opinion from my eyes and my brain. As much as I can I suppose. So here we go! First Impressions: Was originally slated to receive delivery of the variety pack on Tuesday 9/1. However, woke up Sunday morning 8/30 and, boom, Christmas came early! Wooo! Opened the box, surprisingly without hurting myself, and found these three beauties inside. First box I opened was the sports cream. This one was the most intriguing of the three and was the product I threw my hat into the ring to test out originally. Thanks to both a Hockey injury and a rollover, after hitting an ornamental waterfall car accident, let’s just say that my right leg can tell the weather. (I don’t know if anyone is going to know what that expression means) But if there’s a storm coming, my knee and my ankle get all sorts of whacky. So I went and gave the cream a little squeeze and like a lot of other pain relief creams, got that menthol-minty smell. Curious how this would work when applied to the pain sites. As for the oil, the child safety lock, was also an Eric lock at times. Don’t judge, you know those push down and turn all at the same time gets you too. It’s not just me right? …..right? Well through a little rubber stopper and it got tricky. Then there’s the gummies. This top I could get my whole palm on and open like somewhat of an adult. They’re your standard gummy. Square, covered in sugar crystals. Not going to lie, I popped one in my mouth as soon as I got it open. These could be dangerous, I could eat these all day. Basic Characteristics (26/30) I don’t have any pre-existing conditions and this is my first time using CBD products. So I’m going in with a curious, open mind and seeing what happens. Here’s the breakdown of each one individually getting me to the 26/30 score for me. Oil (9/10) First off, I’m a huge Mint chocolate chip ice cream fan, so the choco mint oil flavor was kind of a no brainer for me. I think they nailed it on the flavoring, and doesn’t have any kind of hempy aftertaste, or really taste at all for that matter. On to how I tested it. I started with taking a dropper when I woke up in the morning to get my day started. On a Saturday, in case it for some reason had an adverse effect and made me pass out at work. In fact, the opposite happened for me. I felt more awake throughout the day, and a lot more productive when taking a dose, and sometimes a second around lunchtime. Overall, pretty happy with the effects it had on me. I think we all had the same issue when trying to pull a full dose (1ml) into the dropper. I don’t think it’s possible. Best I’ve done is slightly past the .75 line. -1 point Gummies (7/10) I started eating the gummies just before I would go out and play a round. I didn’t feel any effects before during or after from the gummies. It wasn’t until I started eating them before bed every night that I saw their true worth, to me at least. Prior to testing, I had not been able to sleep through the night without waking up at least once or twice. The gummies didn’t help right away, but as my testing continued, within the first week, I started sleeping a lot better and was actually only waking up once, and that was to my alarm clock. Gave it an 7 since from what I saw, I don’t think one gummy was enough to do much by itself, but I feel like with continued use, your body will eventually give you the results your looking for. Sports Cream (9/10) Like I mentioned in my first impression of the cream, the combination of a pretty bad car accident and a hockey injury, my right leg has taken a beating. With that, I would get some pain in both my ankle and knee don’t play nice after a while. Applying the cream in those areas when pain comes, I saw pretty much immediate relief which was both surprising and welcomed. Anxiety (10/10) I’ve never really been an anxious person outside of maybe playing golf by myself and being paired with strangers. That being said though, with either a gummy or two, or a full dropper of oil, I found that the nerves were gone and I would play some of the best rounds I’ve put together in a long time. Energy (10/10) Once I found that the oil was my go to morning product, I’ve been much more productive throughout the day, both at work as well as at home after work and on the weekends. My wife appreciates that aspect of this too. Pain (9/10) I don’t usually get any upper body soreness after playing golf. I do get pretty much every time, pain in my right knee and ankle. Application of the cream provided pretty immediate relief. I did however find it wasn’t as long term as it is if you couple it with a dose of oil. Obviously CBD isn’t a miracle cure all, and I’m sure I should probably see a doctor, from more than likely not rehabbing them when I should have. But on a temporary basis, I was given full range of motion and didn’t think about, or feel any pain when using the CBD. My wife even asked to use it when her shoulder was getting sore. She also saw pretty positive results to the point that within minutes she forgot all about her shoulder. Without it, she would have asked me to massage it for who knows how long. So, thanks CBD for saving my thumbs there! Taste (10/10) I don’t really have anything negative about any of the flavor profiles of any of the products. The Choco Mint hit it on the head. Subtle, but flavorful with no aftertaste. The fruit chews were delicious all around. And the cream made my tongue tingly. One of those is a lie. On-Course Performance (14/15) Throughout the testing I wasn’t able to play as much golf as I would have liked. But prior to testing my “control” round pre-CBD, I shot a 92. Not my best, but was my first round on a full course this year, so can’t complain. Fast forward to this Friday going to a bachelor party, when I played Blue Ridge Trail, in Mountain Top, PA. Never played the course before. But I think I played it at the perfect time. It was pretty fantastic with all the fall colors and crazy views. We don't have mountains here on Long Island! Armed myself with a dose of oil, and popped a gummy for good measure. Birdied the first hole, got an 8 on the second hole par 4 (two pars, one hole, woo), but then parred or birdied the rest of the way, with a couple bogeys scattered in on my way to an 81. This, I was pretty proud of. Usually when I play a new golf course, for lack of a better term, it can turn into a “s***-show” real quick if I get too hard on myself. A+ for on course performance enhancement there. Miscellaneous (5/5) Shipping was super-fast. No issues with packaging or any kind of leaks or breaks. Clean, unique packaging on the individual boxes and bottles/containers. Pricing going forward seems pretty reasonable compared to other CBD brands I’ve looked into offering similar products. Side note – Outside of golf, I paint miniatures, among other things. I’m not the best, and I get pretty OCD with it. But during the testing I painted this guy, and it’s one of the best ones I’ve ever painted if I do say so myself. Use it or lose it? (9/10) I’d use it for sure. Kanibi runs at least a 15% off specials with bundles and such fairly often and I think at the price point, you get a good product with pretty decent results. TL;DR From my point of view, I’m definitely a fan of what CBD products bring to the table. That being said, everyone is probably going to have a different experience with it. Not that this is a psychedelic by any means, but for comparison’s sake, I think some of the results are skewed or enhanced by your mindset going into it. If you think positively and want the product to work, you may see better results than if you go in as a resistant skeptic. But from me, I’m a believer that this stuff works, and definitely has its benefits for everyone. Final Score (94/100)
  23. This would look pretty damn sweet in my driveway/garage! Thanks for the heads up on this one
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