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  1. 67 total points. And hopefully the winning score ends with the numbers of my boxes
  2. Haven't had the privilege to be selected to test myself but have read 99% of the member reviews. Knowing clubs are in the hands of golfers like myself, every day hacks, with flashes of greatness once in a blue moon, I know I'm reading an honest, not sugarcoated review. I only read MGS reviews when doing research on clubs i'm interested in picking up. Can't wait to see what the 2020 season brings to us!
  3. Eric - Lindenhurst, NY Bridgestone e6 and/or Callaway Chrome Soft Swing speed - 110 As much as i hope i have a chance of being selected, Long Island in Jan/Feb may not be realistic . Always been a fan of bridgestone golf balls though so if I get picked and have to play in freezing temps I'll do it for the (re)views! sorry, i'm the worst
  4. Eric - New York Swing Speed: 105 I really haven't set myself to one ball. I play pretty much anything and everything Tour Maxfli always reminds me of my grandpa. He used to call them "Maxi-Fly". I myself will always be a fan of the noodle. Good luck everyone
  5. Eric - NY 9 Nike Slingshot (Old, yes, but still work for me!) 165-170 Been dying to find some new clubs, and would love the chance to gives these a shot and review for you all!
  6. Heavye1026


  7. Eric - Long Island, NY I use the Golf GPS app by Swing U, it's alright. Yardages are close. Always wanted to try i good handheld rangefinder
  8. I'm going wild card with David Lipsky for my extra pick. Winning score -14
  9. Eric/ NY Nike Method Core 001 Right Handed Always looking to try and get some new clubs in the bag. Went to the range last couple days, playing in an invitational on the 4th, and getting ready to get the new season under way.
  10. Eric NY/LI Nike Method Core MC01W Seven S Good luck everyone! And to those in the southern states, I'm jealous that there's never really an "off-season"
  11. Eric NY/LI (There's still time for fall golf!) Callaway Big Bertha w/ Fubuki Stiff shaft Not fitted I've been in need of a fitting for a while, and never find time to get to a shop for it. Curious to get a shot at testing this out and see.
  12. I've been looking at the AP2s for probably the last 6 months justifying the purchase to my fiance. So, maybe if i win, we both can be happy. Thanks for the heads up on this! Definitely entering and hoping for the best
  13. Congrats to the winners! Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about these
  14. Eric Long Island, New York 10 Nike Slingshot 4-AW - Stock shaft Ping i500 I don't post often at all on this site, but love the reviews people give. Being in the market for some new irons (these slingshots I've had since senior year of high school) I'd love to test these and give a review that could maybe even help some other people make a decision too. Hell even if i don't win, I'm sure the winner's review will help too. Good luck to everyone else! ****Edited because damn the i500s look sexy!
  15. Been looking for a new set of clubs for a while. Would love to give these a shot to review these and who knows, maybe even purchase down the road! Eric/ Long Island NY Nike Slingshots/stiff flex 15 C300 Forged
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