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  1. I play four to five times a week I work at a private country club I can show off your club to a lot of people I can really put it through a test,
  2. Nick Warrior clubs flex club 7 distance is 140 I work at a private country club I play about four to five times a week. I can show these clubs to the golf professional at the club pro shop I know everybody there.
  3. 1. Nick From Florida 2. Warrior clubs Stiff 3. 12 4. Cbx I work on a private two 18 holes golf course I play four times a week driving range twice a week.
  4. Beautiful looking clubs sure would like to try those clubs. I work at a private country club. I play golf three or four time a week. My colleges would love to see those clubs.
  5. Hi My Name is Nick I work at the Polo Club of Boca Raton. They Have two 18 holes golf course. From May 15 thru Oct 31 I get to play golf for free. After Five years of play golf all summers I finally starting the ball pretty good. I was wandering how to enter the contest for the new equipment. I play about four time a week when its not raining.
  6. lets play some golf

  7. new to website how do you enter the contest for the golf equipment.
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