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  1. Match play event, Member Guest, handicaps in effect. Team 1, player A and B. Team 2, player A and B. Player 1B is putting for bogey, 4 feet from the hole. Player 2A asks Player 1A: "Are there any strokes on this hole?" Player 1A responds: "I don't think so, BUT I don't know for sure." Player 2B concedes Player 1B's putt. Team 2 makes a par, Team 1 believes they have made a bogey walking off the green. When teams reach their carts, they realize that Player 1B did in fact have a stroke on the hole, and made a net par with the conceded putt, tying the hole. Player 2A sternly protests that they would not have conceded the putt had they known Player 1B was receiving a stroke and contends they still win the hole. What is the ruling in this situation? Player 1A did state that he was not sure if there were any strokes on the hole, when he was asked.
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