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  1. Welcome from Cincinnati, OH!


    By the looks of your username, we're guessing that you can create a birdie with nothing more than double bubble chewing gum, tin foil and a paper clip. ;)

    I can cobble pretty much anything together except for birdies! Here's my umbrella from this morning's stroll into the office...paper clip for the win!


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  2. welcome aboard....heard good things about the 400max, how are you liking it

    I can't describe the joy honestly! I have had nothing but problems driver wise for a while. This is the first that I've been able to keep in the middle for a long time.


    I was the guy who played a Ping putter but would never touch their other clubs for some odd reason. As I've learned more about their philosophy of fitting and no one size fits all approach, I'm wondering if I should just start over and do a whole new set. Once I win the lottery I'll do just that!

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  3. I'm on the fence here. The new technology has made great gains in getting the ball rolling better with less hop and skip, but then again the technical advances seem to always be applied to old designs.


    For me putting is all about feel and sound. I can putt lights out with the new spyders on a in-store green, but there's no feel and no sound and I wonder how well they will do on a real green for me.


    I think the guys that use the old stuff do so for feel and for the fact they have just played them forever. I game an old anser, but I have put a ton of lead on it so I can get more consistency. Does the job, doesn't cost $400!



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  4. I know, you all clicked on the post hoping to find an embarrassing pic of a dude in overalls, barefoot on the 1st tee, drinking Boones Farm from a red solo cup...sorry to disappoint...I did play a round in steel toe boots once...


    Anyway, I'm getting back into the game after taking a few years off for medical reasons. Used to be an "active lurker" of that other forum that rhymes with works. Lets just say I don't fit in there. I work in statistics and analysis so mygolfspy grabbed my attention very quickly. I ended up grabbing a new driver after reading reviews. This new Ping G400 Max is insane. I feel bad for the Bombtech guys!


    My set is as follows:

    Driver - Ping G400Max 9.5 Tour 65S

    3 Wood - Callaway Hawkeye UL S

    Hybrid - Titleist 585h 21

    Irons - 3-PW Callaway X-tour DG AMT R300

    Wedges - 52, 56, 60 Vokey oil can

    Putter: Ping Anser - the OG with a lot of lead tape on the sole.


    Yeah..it's old stuff. I had bought the irons new and had them fitted when I was young and had more swing speed. Swapped the old Project X 2x4's for these dynamic golds and I'm at least having fun again.


    If anyone is ever in WV and needs a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, hit me up!

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