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  1. I’ve got seven different brands. I just like what I like. Don’t mind the brand. Just want a club that works best for me.
  2. I only carry a 3W and it's a Tour Edge Exotics and absolutely love it!
  3. $60 putter was used to win the US Amateur. https://golf.com/gear/putters/garbage-putter-won-us-amateur-wall-to-wall/?fbclid=IwAR1uDUKE1EgS9_6yZvWQ-eOnQJzhLsh7WXT_dOEQTKbKj_Yjo2OW8Sn_H5U
  4. I don't current play an adjustable driver. Is it worth it have have one that is adjustable?
  5. Mind me asking what you paid for that? Great looking club!
  6. Hello, I wanted to recommend Athalonz golf shoes. I have to say they are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn and also have great traction! They are available online at Athalonz.com. If you use the discount code: TylerRyska0521 at checkout, you will receive $20 off your order. *Disclaimer: I do receive a commission if you use the discount code. But I’m not here just to make some money. I honestly really love these shoes and highly recommend them!
  7. I'm in the same boat. I still play a Titleist 907D2. I want to upgrade but I also want to take my old driver in to compare the numbers. Just not sure if it's allowed at most retailers.
  8. Anyone playing The Hay on Friday? https://www.pebblebeach.com/golf/the-hay/
  9. Amazing! Great event. Cant wait to start entering my scores.
  10. Very interesting. I cant putt with a glove on. Feel like I lose a little touch when gripping the club when it is on. I guess to each their own.
  11. I've always played Pro V1x, but recently received a free dozen of Tour B X from Bridgestone and may do those balls fly. Have been hitting them longer off the tee than the Pro V1x. So, I might be switching balls. Give the Tour B X a try if you have a high swing speed.
  12. I have the Orange Whip Lightspeed and have actually gained some a few yards off the tee after using it. So, I would recommend it if you are looking for speed training. But I have heard great things about the normal Orange Whip Trainer for tempo.
  13. You like the driver? I need to upgrade. Still playing a 907D2, but still hit it real well.
  14. Haters will say it's fake! joined_video_88b97008039a4300820b437739c61566.MP4
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