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  1. tyryska

    EDEL EAS Putter

    I have always been interested in Edel. Would love the opportunity to compare it to my Scotty!
  2. I don't current play an adjustable driver. Is it worth it have have one that is adjustable?
  3. Mind me asking what you paid for that? Great looking club!
  4. Awesome! Great opportunity!
  5. Awesome. Really interested in the Max LS. Looking to compare it to my 907D2
  6. Hello, I wanted to recommend Athalonz golf shoes. I have to say they are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn and also have great traction! They are available online at Athalonz.com. If you use the discount code: TylerRyska0521 at checkout, you will receive $20 off your order. *Disclaimer: I do receive a commission if you use the discount code. But I’m not here just to make some money. I honestly really love these shoes and highly recommend them!
  7. I'm in the same boat. I still play a Titleist 907D2. I want to upgrade but I also want to take my old driver in to compare the numbers. Just not sure if it's allowed at most retailers.
  8. Anyone playing The Hay on Friday? https://www.pebblebeach.com/golf/the-hay/
  9. Amazing! Great event. Cant wait to start entering my scores.
  10. Very interesting. I cant putt with a glove on. Feel like I lose a little touch when gripping the club when it is on. I guess to each their own.
  11. I've always played Pro V1x, but recently received a free dozen of Tour B X from Bridgestone and may do those balls fly. Have been hitting them longer off the tee than the Pro V1x. So, I might be switching balls. Give the Tour B X a try if you have a high swing speed.
  12. I have the Orange Whip Lightspeed and have actually gained some a few yards off the tee after using it. So, I would recommend it if you are looking for speed training. But I have heard great things about the normal Orange Whip Trainer for tempo.
  13. You like the driver? I need to upgrade. Still playing a 907D2, but still hit it real well.
  14. Haters will say it's fake! joined_video_88b97008039a4300820b437739c61566.MP4
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