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  1. Patrick / Illinois Nike, full suit. Does snow count? If there is no lighting, I'll play.
  2. Putt4eagle

    It's a matter of degrees.

    Since this forum discusses a lot about loft, I thought I would pass a kernel of knowledge along. On a windows machine (not sure about Macs), in order to type the degree symbol, you hold the Alt button and type 0176 after the number you are wishing to denote. So if I was talking about my sixty degree wedge I would type 60 - hold the alt key and then type 0176. The result is.... 60° Just my .02­¢ (¢ is 0162, by the way).
  3. Pat - Illinois Volkey 54-60°. 52-56-60°.
  4. Putt4eagle

    Taylor Made GAPR Line..Sneak Peek

    GAPR MID #3 | 18° | 40.25” This just got a big target on my radar. I am looking for a driving iron for short par 4s in tight fairways. I would love to replace the 5w & 4hy with 1 club and add the Volkey 52°. If I can get 220-230 with this dog.... Sold. So $250... plus the Volkey $140.... yeah! Another $400 on golf!!
  5. Putt4eagle

    Taylor Made GAPR Line..Sneak Peek

  6. Putt4eagle

    It's over!

    So we just got back from our big money stay and play weekend. A very well run outing, here is the run down. 16 guys, everyone has an established handicap. Day 1/Rd 1: 4 man best ball, count 1 individuals net score on the first hole towards the team total, then 2 two on the second hole and then 3 net scores on the third hole, then go back to 1 score and repeat. You record the net score only for the team score and net score for the individual. Points are awarded to 4 lowest individual net scores and low net best ball team scores. So the low net individual gets 7 points, the second gets 5, third get 3 and last gets 1 point. The same for each member of the low net teams. Day 1/Rd 2: 4 man Shamble. All players drive. Pick the best one and everyone plays their own shot in from that spot. Again, team and individual net scores are awarded points, 7 for first, 5 for second, 3 for third and 1 for last. Day 2/Rd 1: 2 man best ball. Count the best net score for each player, the team score is the better of the two. Individual points awarded for low net team and low net individual, 7-5-3-1. Day 2/Rd 2: Two man scramble. Team points only. Alternate shot on two par 5s, reversing the order on each. Points are 7-5-3-1. Day 2/Rd 2: 4 man scramble. Team points only. Alternate shot on last 2 par 5s on each side, each guy must tee off once. Same team points, 7-5-3-1. Bonus points: 2 par 3s each round have a closest to the pin which is worth a bonus point to the individual. At the end of these rounds, the top two players are Ryder Cup captains. They will draft a team of 8 players and select match-ups for match play in the last round. Day 3/Rd 1: Individual match play. 7 points to win your individual match. 5 points to the members of the winning team. Bonus points 7-5-3-1 to the low net individual scores. I was in 6th place at the end of the 5th round and within sniffing distance of the overall win and a podium position was a definite possibility. I was matched up against the chip leader in the individual match play. Our games are similar in strengths/weakness so it made sense. I needed to beat him and needed a little more help to win it but it was not absurdly out of the picture. In match play, we went back and forth for 14 holes until he pulled off some great shots on the final 4 holes. I was getting 3 stokes and played to my handicap. I lost by 1 net stroke, 3 and 2 in the match, and my team got crushed.... it was not to be. I think he and I where 1 & 2 or 1 & 3 in the individual net scores. Great job by the guy who sets this whole thing up. Every thing is scored on google docs spread sheets via your smart phone so you can see live scoring between the groups in real time. No one takes anything too seriously and the smack talk is encouraged. Lots of fun.
  7. Putt4eagle

    Well, not in the bag but.... The Bag.

    I ended up buying this one and to be honest, it never made on the course. In fact, I transferred the clubs into it and just kinda looked at it for a while, pulled a club out and put it back, pulled another one and put it back.... I just hated the way the clubs were presented. I knew it would frustrate me more than I needed on the course so it went back. The search continues....
  8. 1. Patrick 2. IL 3. 11 4. None currently.
  9. - Patrick - Illinois, USA - Taylormade M2, steel shaft, stiff - 165-170yrds
  10. Putt4eagle


    I went once, on a lunch to get some swings in. I won't be back. Besides the cost, I think it's bad for your swing. You are trying to hit to certain distances and targets. The stalls could be anywhere from ground level to three stories in the air. The range is sloped towards you so the distances can vary considerably based on where you are in the stall bank (high/low & left to right) of the target. The ball has a RFID tag buried in it's core and I am sure the cover is made for longevity, It's like hitting a billard ball, I thought. Much more so that your standard range ball. Then the whole 'on-the-clock' thing. It encourages you to take a rapid fire approach to it which is not good for practice and not good for your game. After about 15 minutes into it, I found myself swinging like a maniac. I get it, it's not supposed to be a driving range. It's supposed to be an entertainment experience. But I would say it's likely to have a similar effect on serious golfers as the All-Star HR contest has had on some baseball players.
  11. Putt4eagle


    Sigh, rules B.S. like this make the PGA fatiguing to watch. Change rule so that if a player having left a ball in order to potentially provide assistance to a fellow player, did so intentionally or was unreasonably slow to the green, that player would not be able to replace his ball. He must play it where it comes to rest after being struck by another player. The player striking another players ball on the green while hitting from a close range (pick a number) and didn't allow for a reasonable time for the player to mark, would incur a 1 stroke penalty on the hole. Not many guys would be willing to give up strokes to be a 'good guy'. The rule would not apply to tee shots on par 3s or any shot over 50 yards.
  12. Tier 1 Rory McIlroy Tier 2 Matt Kuchar Tier 3 Kevin Kisner Tier 4 Shane Lowry Tier 5 Luke List Tier Breaker Winning Score: -3