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  1. Patrick Homewood, IL Don't currently walk but was going to this season. Do not have a push cart but I am going to buy one soon.
  2. 10.8 - Chicago. Taylormade M2 - 155yds w/8. What do you know about Sub70? Zip, nada, nothing. :-)
  3. Funny you mention that. I had a day of pretty decent fog just a couple of weeks ago and with the hybrid, I was the only guy with any kinda number. I was a popular cart partner that morning. (No, I don't work for Bushnell.)
  4. Late to the game but I find the Bushnell Hybrid to be actually a game improvement device. Here is why. Ever been between clubs? Been 170yrds out with 160 and 180 yard clubs in your bag? Knowing the distance from the front or back of the green to the pin can help you make the right club selection. If you know the course and greens, it really helps. Say your 160 out (that's all you get from standard lasers) to the pin but the pin is in the back of the green. Bushnell hybrid will tell you the front of the green is 140 and the back is 175. The 160 club would put you well onto the green but 180 would put you off the back. You can also custom mark spots on the green like the lip of a steep ridge to multi-platformed greens. You can mark a carry distance to get you up onto that second tier. Golf is a not a distance game. It's a target game. Scoring is all about the GIRs. And if you are average to struggle at putting, quality GIRs matter. Quality GIRs come from confident full and repeatable swings on approach shots. It is pricey but I found it to be worth price.
  5. The Chicago location is not accurate unless the event is in a cemetery.
  6. I will go back to my original comment. Both these guys know they can't afford bad PR and Kuchar was good enough to help bail his fellow player out. There is no victory for Kuchar to argue a winning point. When an enemy is digging himself in a hole, you don't help him out of the hole, you hand him a shovel. But these guys are found more value in burying the hatchet than hardening their position. More points for Kuchar in my book. Hope they can get past it and play well at Augusta.
  7. Yes but to continue the non-sense into the post game interviews.... 'he had options'... is a guy separated from reality. GFY, Sergio. You had options.
  8. I am a Tiger fan but I think this is a tour stop he should not have played in. Given his back problems and that the Masters is right around the corner, he shouldn't have risked playing 30-36 holes a day. Looks like he survived it but had he gone the distance, it would be a risk I would advise against. IMHO.
  9. If there are two players who can't afford any more bad P.R. at thew moment, it's Sergio Garcia (for this temper tantrums in Saudi) and Matt Kuchar (for his supposed stiffing a caddie in Mexico). If you haven't seen what happened, Here's a pretty good recap. In a nut shell, after missing a 7' putt to win the 7th hole, Sergio quickly back handed a short 2-4" putt and missed it to lose the hole. Kuchar attempted to tell the rules official that he had every intention of conceding the short putt but didn't have time before Garcia made his stroke. Garcia argued with Kuchar on the next couple of holes, suggesting Kuchar should concede a hole to 'make things right'. My 0.02¢... I am Kuchar bias here. I always thought he was a nice guy and decent player. The caddie thing was way overblown. He should have given the replacement caddie more but nowhere near the full cut a PGA caddie would get. Sergio is a guy who wears his emotions on his shirt sleeve and there is nothing wrong with that. But more often than not, his wounds are self inflicted. His actions are petty and unprofessional. He's not a rookie anymore. He should be able to control himself better. I think it's hurt his ability to be in the elite of the game consistently. But to ask another professional to concede a hole to make up for your mistake is incredibly unprofessional and childish. I really hope some of the more senior players on the tour pull him aside, outside of the media spotlight and tell him how wrong he was to have put Kuchar in that spot. What's your thoughts?
  10. Patrick, Chicago, 70-80. FB, Twitter & Snap 11.9 - 108mph. Taylormade Driver, fairway wood, M2 Irons, Volkey wedges Standard set.
  11. I considering upgrading my SC200 Swing Caddy to the SC300. Part of that would be selling the 200. I purchased it last year. It works perfectly. Remote, etc is in perfect working order. I still even have the box. It was (Still is) $349.00 new. If anyone is interested, hit me with a PM. Full disclosure: the new one keeps data on an app that the 200 doesn't. I would like that feature because I recently purchased new irons and I want to lock in some distances.
  12. Not entirely sure if this is allowed here (delete the post if now) but I considering upgrading my SC200 Swing Caddy to the SC300. Part of that would be selling the 200. I purchased it last year. It works perfectly. Remote, etc is in perfect working order. I still even have the box. It was (Still is) $349.00 new. If anyone is interested, hit me with a PM. Full disclosure: the new one keeps data on an app that the 200 doesn't. I would like that feature because I recently purchased new irons and I want to lock in some distances.
  13. I was just going to post this video. I don't use the line. I think it creates a crutch that can become too dependent. I have more faith in my ability to see/hit a line from stepping back behind the ball. I use the completely black side of the ball up. Squating over it, I think it's as likely to give you a line a few degrees just off line as on the correct line. And that's enough to miss most mid-range length putts. And of course, a line with any decent amount of break in it, the line changes with the speed of the putt made. You could play less break and more speed and have the ball bang the back of the cup of more break and less speed and have the putt fall in the side door. Bottom line, putting is about feel. Visual aids can distract from that, IMHO.
  14. Patrick/Illinois Odyssey Putters made withing miles of my home that I could never purchase because of the price.
  15. 1. Patrick - Chicago/IL 2. 11 3. 52° Volkey SM6, 60° Volkey SM7 D grind. 4. 50°, 56° & 60°. These look very interesting.
  16. Patrick - Illinois, 11 hdcp ProV1x - Looking for spin of the ProV1x at the non-premium price.
  17. Since this forum discusses a lot about loft, I thought I would pass a kernel of knowledge along. On a windows machine (not sure about Macs), in order to type the degree symbol, you hold the Alt button and type 0176 after the number you are wishing to denote. So if I was talking about my sixty degree wedge I would type 60 - hold the alt key and then type 0176. The result is.... 60° Just my .02­¢ (¢ is 0162, by the way).
  18. GAPR MID #3 | 18° | 40.25” This just got a big target on my radar. I am looking for a driving iron for short par 4s in tight fairways. I would love to replace the 5w & 4hy with 1 club and add the Volkey 52°. If I can get 220-230 with this dog.... Sold. So $250... plus the Volkey $140.... yeah! Another $400 on golf!!
  19. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Gbcmm9zWtBw
  20. So we just got back from our big money stay and play weekend. A very well run outing, here is the run down. 16 guys, everyone has an established handicap. Day 1/Rd 1: 4 man best ball, count 1 individuals net score on the first hole towards the team total, then 2 two on the second hole and then 3 net scores on the third hole, then go back to 1 score and repeat. You record the net score only for the team score and net score for the individual. Points are awarded to 4 lowest individual net scores and low net best ball team scores. So the low net individual gets 7 points, the second gets 5, third get 3 and last gets 1 point. The same for each member of the low net teams. Day 1/Rd 2: 4 man Shamble. All players drive. Pick the best one and everyone plays their own shot in from that spot. Again, team and individual net scores are awarded points, 7 for first, 5 for second, 3 for third and 1 for last. Day 2/Rd 1: 2 man best ball. Count the best net score for each player, the team score is the better of the two. Individual points awarded for low net team and low net individual, 7-5-3-1. Day 2/Rd 2: Two man scramble. Team points only. Alternate shot on two par 5s, reversing the order on each. Points are 7-5-3-1. Day 2/Rd 2: 4 man scramble. Team points only. Alternate shot on last 2 par 5s on each side, each guy must tee off once. Same team points, 7-5-3-1. Bonus points: 2 par 3s each round have a closest to the pin which is worth a bonus point to the individual. At the end of these rounds, the top two players are Ryder Cup captains. They will draft a team of 8 players and select match-ups for match play in the last round. Day 3/Rd 1: Individual match play. 7 points to win your individual match. 5 points to the members of the winning team. Bonus points 7-5-3-1 to the low net individual scores. I was in 6th place at the end of the 5th round and within sniffing distance of the overall win and a podium position was a definite possibility. I was matched up against the chip leader in the individual match play. Our games are similar in strengths/weakness so it made sense. I needed to beat him and needed a little more help to win it but it was not absurdly out of the picture. In match play, we went back and forth for 14 holes until he pulled off some great shots on the final 4 holes. I was getting 3 stokes and played to my handicap. I lost by 1 net stroke, 3 and 2 in the match, and my team got crushed.... it was not to be. I think he and I where 1 & 2 or 1 & 3 in the individual net scores. Great job by the guy who sets this whole thing up. Every thing is scored on google docs spread sheets via your smart phone so you can see live scoring between the groups in real time. No one takes anything too seriously and the smack talk is encouraged. Lots of fun.
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