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  1. 67.5yrs, sadly golf only 6+ mths a year in Canada. Walk 80% of time, with PowaKaddy....absolutely love to and want to long as i can. Good for your body, and I play better. Gets over 85 Deg F....i cart it fully if humidity up....or back 9 only if dry heat. Walk boys!
  2. Using a 48" broomstick for over 10 years now. Cannot now putt with anything short. Currently gaming a Ping Craz E. When anchoring was banned moved it inch off my sternum, no biggie. Once acclimatized to a stroke (and there are difft ways, mine is 2 finger pencil on lower hand), long or short putts make no difference, to me. I would say I am in top 5% of my clubs putting stats, and won our Senior Club C in 2021. Long vs short putter, at 66.5 years young....no contest, long wins for me. If keen, give it an extended serious try...you may never go back. nothing to lose but a bit o time, and $. good luck!
  3. Gday! Been using various 48" putters for 10+ years. Anchored till outlawed.. Now have top left hand 1 in from chest, just as good. Basically use Langer's grip. Gaming a Ping Craz-E past 3 seasons. 67 yrs young this summer, 5 to 6 index during season. Won our Senior Champs in 2021--last 10 holes made everything from 12 ft in, and hit a key 40 ft lag Putt on 18 to 18ins to cement the win. Wouldn't putt any other way. 5 broomers at my club, and 3 of us are some of best putters here. If you practice it, I believe much more stable and confidence promoting once comfy. Good luck!
  4. Don't see much current talk about gear many of us still play.... Unanchored of course. Pushing 10% of my club are LP gamers. I use a Ping Craz-E 48" at moment. You don't want to see me stab a short putter... It's pitiful. Also own a TM Ghost and a couple of Odysseys. Interested in any Ping LP models out there you might not want? And.... Discuss. PS. No long putter haters pls... Unanchored it's legal, end of story!
  5. First Name / State or Country of residence Steve, Ontario, Canada Handicap 7 Current irons in Play Taylor Made M2 Tour The carry distance of your 7 iron 155 yds
  6. First Name/State or Country of residence Steve/Ontario, Canada Handicap 4.2 index Current irons in Play Taylor made M2 Tour The carry distance of the your 7 iron 155
  7. First name/Home state or province Gday! Steve, Ontario Current wedges TM M2Tour PW, vokey 50, vokey 58 Short game strengths/weaknesses Full swing pretty good, half swings chunks or blades occasionally Current handicap 7
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