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  1. Jason/ New York - upstate not the city! Vokey SM6 50d, 08b, F grind (yard range 125-135) Vokey SM6 52d, 08b, F grind (110ish to 125ish) TaylorMade Tour Preferred 56d, 12b (100ish to 110ish) Vokey, SM6, 60d 04b, L grind (90ish-100ish) Short game Strengths Full Swing. based on the distances outlined above. Green Side and bunkers, I am able to get up and down with a reasonable amount of consistency. Love bunkers, I think that is because my home course (Mohawk Golf Club) has 63 bunkers and the ability to make more of a full swing. Weaknesses Modified or truncated swings, 80yrds to 35ish. the yips the hips and the blips. for some reason, I get the old Fozzie Bear legs (wocka, wocka, wocka)!! current Index is 8.2 making me a 10 Home.
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