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  1. Ron, New York city Tom wishon, 48, 52, clev. Cbx 56 I would like to evaluate approx.same degree wedges.
  2. Ron New York, New York Hdc..14.5 Tom wishing irons 6 thru gap wedge Reg. Graph. Shaft I would be very interested in sending time evsl These irons
  3. I would like to know differences in performance of roguex & rogue hybrids?
  4. Callaway roguex & rogue hybrids. I would like feedback on differences if any in performance?
  5. i presently use golf gps tracking. would be very interested in evaluating the new shot slope V2 gps watch system.
  6. I am a 75y/o avid golfer, (13) handicap from Pittsburgh, Pa. who now lives in NYC for the next two years. I play golf 4 times per week and would love the opportunity to test the new hogan wedges. I presently carry 50, 54, 60 wishon forged wedges. I have lost distance with my woods and irons the last couple of years but consider my short game to be decent. Greybomber43
  7. i am very pleased to become a member of a very informative golf community

  8. Welcome to the forums rkwhite43 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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