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  1. I just got a box of vice pro+ and played my first round with them on Saturday. So far I am hitting them pretty well and they seem as advertised. As mentioned above they seem close if not equal to prov1 balls, and hopefully my opinion doesn't change after playing with them more with them. After reading what you guys have said I think my next batch will be OnCore and/or snell and see how those feel. It seems that most guys are over paying $50 a dozen for golf balls, so I am glad there are some quality options out there for us.
  2. I thought that quote was Urban Meyer... But obviously there is ALWAYS time to squeeze in a little golf... lol *Update* I just googled it and apparently Josh Pastner who was Georgia Tech's basketball coach said it in 2016
  3. Welcome! You have come to the right place, because you can always find someone who is willing to indulge in your golf obsession just a click away. Seems like most of us were creepers on here for a while before we finally took the plunge and officially joined the group.
  4. I have been thinking along these same lines for a while. I carry a 3 and 5 wood, then I jump to 4 iron. The 3 wood rarely comes out of my bag because I am super confident in my 5 wood, so I have been mulling over the idea of pulling out the 3 wood and getting a 3 iron to fill the gap between my 5 wood and 4 iron. And like many here have said it is about spacing and loft more than the number on the bottom of the club.
  5. Welcome. Your future fitting sounds like something to get excited about!
  6. That was my thinking as well jlukes, as would be fine with a little more bounce on those two clubs.
  7. Happy Friday! I am sure this topic has been covered in the past, so forgive me if I am doubling up on something that has already been discussed. A little back story on me. I am playing Ping i200 irons 4-U, and I love them. After I had my irons for a few months I decided to go in to upgrade my wedges (I was hitting an older nike set). I went into the golf shop already decided that I would get either the vokey or glide wedges, but after getting fitted and swinging several options I went home with taylormade milled grind 54 and 58. Fast forward a few more months and add in the fact that I moved from New Mexico to California, so I had to rediscover all of my distances, and I am realized that my spacing on the golf course between my U and my 54 is a lot closer than I thought it would be. For that matter it is closer than what is was on the monitor during my fitting. I hit my U about 130 and I am hitting my 54 125ish. I thought it would end up being 130 for the U and more like 115 for my 54. So I am pretty much decided that I need to have my 54 bent to a 55 or maybe even 56 and my 58 bent to a 59. I think that would put my shot spacing where I had originally planned, and in theory would add a little more bounce to my wedges as well. Sorry if I made a short story long here, but I wanted to throw this out and see if I am missing anything or if anyone has a better idea for me. If not, and I am on the right track I am going to stop at the golf shop on my way out of the office today and proceed with the plan. It is Friday after all and I am ready for some weekend golf!!! Thanks in advance!
  8. I have followed the page for a while, and I am excited to officially join the group. I am glad I am not only not alone, but I am clearly late to the party of geeking out over all things golf. I am always looking for new toys and tips to help me improve my game, so I look forward to learning from you guys! Happy golfing everyone!!!
  9. Justin, Northern California. Ping i200 U wedge (50)Taylor made milled grind wedges 54, 58 Strength- Full shots into green, and bump and run around the green Weakness- 20-60 yard shots and getting them to stick/spin back Handicap 12-14 (I don't officially have one)
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