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  1. Brian Grain Valley, Missouri I would say it's 60/40 or 70/30 riding to walking. I walk my leagues as I don't know the gentlemen very well but with my weekend group I don't mind riding in the cart as I trust them a little more. Whenever it's cpo though my game definitely is suited for walking. I don't have a push cart I have a pull cart being tall (6'3) it isn't so bad with the long arms I have but I definitely would prefer something else. It's an old Acuity pull cart I've had since I first bought my box set of clubs from dicks sporting goods many years ago.
  2. getting these balls at a discount is such greatness i must agree
  3. Skytrak has a handicap skills assessment (shameless plug below to my youtube channel that i do them and upload them to) they also have target practice that you can do multiplayer between two people, a longest drive and a closest to the pin, thats all through skytrak itself. It also has simulation with E6, JNPG, TGC, CreativeGolf3d, some kind of fitness golf where you walk/run on a treadmill then hit on courses and i think one other. I have TGC bought the lifetime membership recently and its just been awesome. They have a tour that guys over at golfsimulatorforum.com take care of i believe and play weekly courses that are playing on tour almost every week. great community of guys that take care of things. I think skytrak is just an awesome unit, i have had mine for what will be a year in june (got it on the fathers day sale which should be coming back around here shortly) sorry if somebody else responded to you before i got with ya. https://youtu.be/OkUaz_C1UBU
  4. Hey Im very interested with getting as much information on my golf game as possible and i think this is a great opportunity. First name - Brian Home State/Province/Country - Missouri, USA ​Do you use performance tracking? yes (only for first 3 holes) Do you use a GPS watch? yes/no; my watch doesnt have gps but with my golf app it transfers the gps from my phone (have a fossil smartwatch) Which ones? I have the Q explorist fossil smartwatch and i use the golf app 18Birdies which allows me to track shots on the first 3 holes (since i dont have premium version) and it relays information to my watch and i can track score and things from the watch.
  5. Im sure you know this already but if you have a radar you'd probably be better off using those numbers than skytrak, as you know skytrak calculates club head speed so that number isnt always safe with skytrak. best of luck in your quest to gain speed!
  6. Hey All, i am new to mygolfspy. I have been a regular member on golfsimulatorforums (have a skytrak and play on the tour) but i got a google now notification about some wedge testing and figured i'd give it a shot. Registered and started looking around and see that this is a very good place for all kinds of education about golf. Looking forward to coming back often and checking out all the different information within this forum!
  7. ready for a beautiful golf season!

  8. Brian/ Missouri Cleveland 588 Tour Action 52 degree 10 degree bounce Cleveland RTX 588 Rotex 2.0 60 degree 6 degree bounce Strengths - full shots, 3/4 shots and half swing shots. 100 yards and in i know swing distance pretty well Weaknesses - anywhere from 20-50 yards and not being able to get it close enough to be able to 1 putt from that distance. Current Handicap - 22
  9. Welcome to the forums dagratest816 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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