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  1. Just curious what the popular choice is. Assuming you hit these clubs the same distance +/- a couple yards, what do you prefer to have in the bag? No specific to any brand, just wondering what the majority likes to hit.
  2. Tyler, California Current: Callaway razr x 44*/54* & Callaway forged copper wedge 60* Strength: 60* around the green, full swing with PW/SW Weakness: distance control out bunkers, inconsistent distance between 30-60 yard shots Handicap: 15
  3. Hello MGS community, My name is Tyler and I've been following MGS for some time, but recently I got back into golf after taking a few years break (and when I saw break I really mean playing a couple times a year compared to a couple times a month). I'm a student at UC Irvine so that's taken a toll on the time I have to play, but I've noticed that I need a stress reliever and something to look forward to after all this studying. So I figured why not go to the range down the street from my apartment and play when possible (every other week)? Thankfully I had the opportunity to play golf for
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