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  1. JRSD

    Lefty Thread

    I am not a big box store advocate. Sure I test, or look for off season sales. But when it comes to upgrading or trading in. I go with smaller shops that remember who I am, left handed and loyal buyer.
  2. JRSD

    Lefty Thread

    Although I don’t watch cable TV. MGS is one of major golf world sources. It won’t be in our time but somewhere down the line a true left handed or more hopefully will change OEMs need to produce full range of golf equipment. Yes we love Phil. But he is right handed playing lefty in the back end of his career. Jordan Spieth is lefty playing right handed. No need to change for him. Mike Wier was a short stint in lime light. Enough of a rant. I sent a similar comment, article request to MGS writer JB. He has since forwarded it to MGS editor and owners for further research. Let’s hope we get included in further testing somewhere down the road.
  3. JRSD

    Lefty Thread

    Gents, appreciate the advice. I guess being told your left handed and we don’t have a very big selection for you to demo so many times. I guess you get the “numb no’s”. I seriously doubt they would swap out shafts of a club for sale. Or demo shafts tipped for TE. Either way worth a shot. Hit a F8+ with Hzrdus 5.5 (Yellow). Long club. Happy Range, course time if you get it. Texas went from drought to flooding creeks, reservoirs, lakes and Dams near peak stage levels in 2 months. Courses look great with no one on them to ruin fairways or greens.
  4. JRSD

    Lefty Thread

    QUESTION: Bassara or Graphite Design? Aftermarket of course. A shop up north of Austin has lefties Tour Exotics but they have the Bassara 42g lite installed. I have had to go to senior or regular flex since retiring from the Military with an injury. Left shoulder at that. I have always had a smooth rather than hard swing. 80-88 depends on pain level that day. Would it be worth the purchase of a driver and 3 wood with those shafts. Near new but in used section. Thanks for advice and help.
  5. JRSD

    Lefty Thread

    Golf galaxy has 1 major store since they closed the round Rock location. 183 and Capital of Texas highway location. Good luck.
  6. JRSD

    Lefty Thread

    Golf Galaxy in Austin has several ER. Didn’t look at exact numbers but a standard blade, like Cameron studio. Wider like Cameron Fastback, shallow extended back like ping ? Not sure that name. Last one was like Cameron future 5, no weight in middle just tear shapes on the ends. Happy hunting. I roll a Cameron custom shop I found at garage sale. Lady didn’t know what she had. And my everyday gamer is Piretti. Again, OfferUp sale. Wife(ex..) was writing her own country song ha... unloaded all the guys gear. Hunting, fishing, golf.
  7. JRSD

    Lefty Thread

    Does anyone have the new Hogan Equalizer wedges? Thinking of updating my wedges and just hesitated since I would be buying without trying. Don’t want the hassle and wife’s look if I send them back during 30 day trial. And I am not lucky enough to win the set they or MGS has offered. Yes they look great and like what I have read. But Mizuno TP4s are in my bag. No gripes. Just time to update. eBay, 2nd swing and Austin golf shops have discounts on SM6,7s. And if I can update the shafts and be considably under the $100.00 a club(300.00 for 3 wedges) I would rather go with something I know and already had my hands on. Thanks and apologize for War and Peace entry.
  8. JRSD

    Lefty Thread

    That is bugs bunny.
  9. Joshua Bartz Use depth perception. Military Service training. But would like to check off bucket list item as others have posted.
  10. JRSD

    Lefty Thread

    John Byron and ? Morgan. Need to come to terms with easy molds out there that can be converted to impress us lefties with their version metals.
  11. JRSD

    May River GC, Bluffton, SC

    My Nephew is Active Duty in Char. SC. My Brother and I are retired Veterans. Nephew is getting married in September. Any good options for prices on Seabrook and Kiawah Island’s. Thanks.
  12. JRSD

    Snell MTB Closeout

    Which Snell would fit a mid 10-13 HC. Swing speed ranges 80-90 depends on how shoulder feels that day. Military injury. But still love to play. I haven’t seen the red in stores.
  13. JRSD

    Lefty Thread

    Utility iron; not the driver irons!!!! Looking at improvement on 5 iron. I know (or am sure it’s ego) vice proper swing and club selection. Looking to see if any lefty has had success with any of the new utility irons. #5(24-26) degree mainly. My bag: Titleist Driver-Wedge. 915h1 2hy set 18*. 3hy set 21*. 5 iron consistent. 165-180. But was thinking the Srixon U45/U65 irons; among others, MP MMC flu hi, ping crossover. Being lefty and a traditionalist. Makes it hard to find them all to demo at Golf Galaxy, Dicks, or Golf courses here In Austin Texas. Thank you in advance. Apologies for War and Peace thread.
  14. Hogan Wedge testing: Joshua Bartz Austin Texas 12 Hcp Mizuno 50-54-58 Mp-4.