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  1. Rob/Newville, Pennsylvania HCP 3/106 MPH SS Titleist 910H 19° I would chose a 19° loft to fit in between my 22° 4-iron and my 15° 3-wood. It would be a gap filler and my go to club on short par 4's for positioning, long par 3's due to the stopping ability, and on reachable par 5 second shots. I look forward to the opportunity to possibly testing one of these oft talked about hybrids.
  2. Rob. Newville 112 mph Titleist Pro V1 No experience with Snell products other than what I’ve read and heard.
  3. - Rob - Pennsylvania - Odyssey 2-Ball from 2010 - Putting is a weakness
  4. Rob/Pennsylvania Titleist 915 D3, 9.5 degree, Matrix Ozik HD 6, Stiff  3 HCP/106 MPH SS/I do use trackman at a local course’s golf center  I not played a Tour Edge driver before.
  5. Rob - Pennsylvania Current: Golf Pride Tour Velvet .580 core Trial: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Would love the opportunity to trial and report on the new technology...
  6. 1. Rob/ Pennsylvania 2. 4 hcp/106 mph SS 3. Titleist 915 D3 with Ozik Matrix HD 6, Strong  4. Epic Flash Sub Zero I look forward to possibly testing one of these highly sought drivers.
  7. 1. Rob/Pennsylvania 2. 3 hcp/106 mph SS 3. Titleist 915 D3 w/Ozik Matrix HD 6 4. G410 SFT I look forward to the opportunity. Thank you.
  8. Rob - Pennsylvania Handicap - 4 Titleist Pro V1 Soft feel Looking forward to the opportunity
  9. 1. Rob Newville, PA 2. 4 handicap 3. Mizuno T-7 50, 54, 58  4. 50, 56, 60 Look forward to the opportunity
  10. Rob Pennsylvania 4.2 Mizuno MP58 w/ True Temper DG S300 5-PW PING i210 This would be an amazing opportunity to review a great looking iron.
  11. Rob Pennsylvania 4 Garmin GPS to measure average club distances, putts per round, and fairways hit
  12. Rob Pennsylvania Mizuno MP54, True Temper Dynamic Gold, S300 165 yards Recently fitted for Taylirnade P790, but would love to trial and report on these before spending the money.
  13. Would love to put this driver to the test alongside my Mizuno irons. Rob/Pennsylvania Titleist 915D3/Mitsubishi Ozik HD6 Stiff 106 swing speed/4 hcp. 9.5 degree ST 180/Tensei CK Blue Stiff
  14. Rob/Pennsylvania Mizuno T4 50, 54, 58 Strengths: Full shots from 100-115 yards, finesse shots around the green from 50 yards and in Weaknesses: tight lies on short pitches; long bunker shots of 20 yards and out Handicap: 4.9
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