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  1. 4 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    Testers Wanted (4)

    If  you have followed MY Golf Spy at all in the last year you have no doubt read about Honma's effort to gain North America market share in the club business.That's no small task. However, Honma feels the TR20 drivers have what it takes to do that.

    The TR in TR20 stands for Tour Release and it’s replacing the confusingly named T//World 747 line. Honma is producing two drivers in the TR20 offering: a 440cc and a 460cc.

    According to Honma, the real TR20 driver story is weight, or, more precisely, it’s where the weight is and where it isn’t. The driver frame is titanium but the body is nearly all carbon fiber.

    But we are going to provide 4 of our Forum Members a chance to tell us and the rest of the community if they feel Honma has produced a driver to compete in one of the toughest segments to break into and capture any market share.


    How To Apply


    Right Handed

    Michael/Charlotte, NC

    Prefer 460

    90-95 swing speed 

    Would love to test this new driver!




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