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  1. I edited the post. When I said my normal swing is a fade that I can turn in to a draw I was talking about my driver but didn't clarify. My swing with irons is most definitely a hook, I have no delusions about that. I have been trying to get in a lesson and get some pro tips on how to fix it but being a full time student and working full time its tough to find the time to go in. I'm just trying to get my head around that hook and how to straighten it out some. Offset was just something I was looking at that might possibly be contributing.
  2. https://superstrokeusa.com/product/soft-wrap-tc-swing-grips/ These will be my next grips. I have a buddy who tried them out on his 7 iron and PW. He really likes them. Says they stay tacky and don't feel slippery like a lot of wraps. He ordered some for the rest of his irons already. I would find about 3 or 4 different grips that are options and order 2 of each. Put each different grip on a long/med iron and a med/short iron, play them for a month and see what you like best. The new superstrokes are only $5 each. You can't go wrong spending $10 on 2 of them to see how they p
  3. Sounds like you need a GX-7...
  4. I've had my MD4s (52, 56, 60) since the end of Feb. I absolutely love them! BUT they have caused a problem for me. I've been gaming ProV1 for quite a while but now I'm actually looking for a ball with less spin off the wedges. I'm trying the new AVX ball and the DUO Soft Spin. I can't control the spin on the ProV1s anymore. I hit a 52* wedge from about 105 yds, hit about 6 inches right of the pin and spun back about 15 feet. I prefer a wedge shot that stops within about 1-2 feet of where it hits the green, it just works better for my game. So my only problem is they spin too much? If
  5. I got fitted for new clubs in February (check the sig). I hit all the new drivers/woods/irons from Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno, Taylormade, and PING. I ended up with the G400 Driver and 3 Wood with no issues whatsoever. I hit the M3 irons very high, very straight, and very long. By far worked the best for me at the time of fitting. My problem is when I got fitted I had been struggling with an occasion push slice. My path is from the inside but when I started recording my swing to figure what was happening I noticed that every. single. time. I sliced the ball it was because I cupped m
  6. Hi everyone! I'm from Florida. Golf is my passion. Love the forums and reviews here.
  7. Jason Florida MD4 52, 56, 60 Good: chipping, bump and run, soft bunkers Weak with hard, packed bunkers, sometimes hit thin on full wedge shots 10.7
  8. Welcome to the forums Mudfish81 :)


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