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  1. For that distance it would be my driver. However that is silly. In truth I would hit a PW and then hit what ever club I needed to get to the green.
  2. I have a Taylor Made hybrid and a Callaway Heavenwood every thing else is PING. Driver, 5 wood 6-pw,uw,sw and putter.
  3. I have used them for years. The mint quality is great and the balls are like new except for the occasional player markings. I will be buying more next month.
  4. I would guess you play a high priced urethane ball and I would also guess that they are probably great quality as well. What are your concerns about a ball being out of round?
  5. For some 5 decades I thought it was and then 10 years ago I had a mini stroke and had to relearn my swing and what had been intuitive has been replaced with me now struggling to find a way to strike the ball well again. Been frustrating for that last decade. Lessons would not help since from one day to the next I have a problem just taking the club back the same way every stroke I take.
  6. My setup is 44--50-55. Had a 60* some time ago, but hardly used it and it was just taking up space so it is gone.
  7. Closest I have come was a 69 when I was 66 and when I was 69 needed birdie on the 18th to shoot 69 dumped it into a green side bunker on my second shot and that was the end of that opportunity. I'll be 79 in three weeks and my chance seems pretty slim these days.
  8. At your level play any club that you like and is the best for your game. You don't see a lot of pros playing blades all that much any more. If they can go with a more effective club for them why not you?
  9. I could not vote since there is not a 0 answer. I used to have 2-3 clubs, but age has me at the point of my driver sometimes go 200 but nothing else does. That is why I have three wedges since in order to score I need a great short game.
  10. I've used a hairdryer with good results on old tape.
  11. I have also used them, but not in some time. I have only seen a few posts on another forum say they had a problem with shipping. Most though swear by them.
  12. I have had hybrids in the bag for close to twenty years. I have trouble hitting long irons and the hybrids work for me. Mostly Taylor Made. They hit the ball high and it helps me hold greens when hitting into them. I don't care about distance just consistency and height
  13. I loved carrying when I was younger, but as I got in my late 50's I found it easier to play the last few holes when I switched to a push cart. My back also thanked me.
  14. May I ask why. I have played their clubs and built clubs for others using Dynacraft equipment and have not had any complaints about the equipment.
  15. Maltby or Dynacraft are good choices as well.
  16. If your swing speed is 70mph you might want to look at a low compression ball. Callaway Super Soft or Wilson Duo, but there are others with low compression as well.
  17. GPS all the way. All I need is yardage to the front, middle and back of the green. It has been awhile since I can hit a shot on the number to the green.
  18. 15 years ago I could tell you what shots I hit during two trips to Hawaii back in the early 80's. Today my rememberer has a hard time remembering what shots I hit on the last hole I played today.
  19. I have been a ;member of each course in my county. Yet when I was member of each course I pretty much played 90% of my rounds at that course. We also had home and home play at other courses with our men and women's club. Also we had couples home and home play. So while my wife and I played mostly at the home courses we did play others as well.
  20. To continue to work on my ball striking. This has been an ongoing project and I am getting closer each and every time out.
  21. More than likely Wilson Duo Soft or Callaway Super Soft.
  22. I heard that the 425's are in stock and ready to ship I assume for stock orders. That was the reason for the delay on the G 410 equipment.
  23. I ordered clubs from PING and it took 12 weeks for my irons to arrive. Ordered for the wife from Callaway (Mavric max) they game in less than 5 weeks. Although they put the wrong grips on the clubs and after they were told the grips have not yet arrived. Four months and still waiting.
  24. I ordered PING clubs back in the first week of October , the driver arrived thee weeks later, the 5 wood a month after and my irons came in 11 weeks after I ordered them. Callaway did not have as long of a delivery time. My wife also ordered clubs from them and they cam in a month later. Three fairway woods and I set of irons. The only bad thing was she ordered over size grips and they can in with standard grips and after they were told about the problem we are still waiting for the replacements four months later. Unfortunately I think most of the OEMs are having trouble due to the pandemic and lack of man power in their production process not to mention their suppliers. This is true with most companies not just the golf industry.
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