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  1. My name is Oliver, born and raised in Utah. I absolutely love the game of golf and can't get enough of it, products, podcasts, forums, articles and more. I am looking for more people that share my passion. I have a few close buddies that I play golf with every week and as much as possible yet that doesn't quite feed the fire. I need MORE! Everything about golf intrigues me from practicing to learning and figuring out how to play a golf course. 


    I am a 3 handicap with a live long battle of breaking 70. I have done it one time. Irons and short game are my strength. Driving and putting drive me nuts. All I want is to make a few more putts and be consistent. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Would love to find more people that love golf as much as I do. Get some groups together and play different courses around the US. 


    Golf truly is the worlds greatest game. If you do not think golf is a sport, we will have problems. Quoted by the one of the best golfers to ever live, "it is a game played on a 5 inch course between your ears." 


    I eat sleep and play golf. Let's go!!  

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  2. Oliver, Salt Lake City, Utah 
    50, 135 yards (Titleist 10 bounce, S grind),

    54, 125 yards (Titleist 14 bounce, F grind)

    58. 115 yards  (Titleist 14 bounce, F Grind) 
    Chipping is the strongest part of my game, Love trying new wedges. Titleist can feel like the face is kind of small but love the feel and weight of club. Spin control is huge part of my requirements. 50-75 yards is most challenging to me. 
    3 handicap. Play many local Amatuer events and mens league. Practice short game every day. Play 3+ times a week. 

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