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  1. 1. Jon from California but I go to Galway 3 or 4 times a year. So I would love support Galway. 2. Current rain gear - Footjoy Hydrolite jacket and Under Armour rain paints 3. Worst rain - Lahinch in Ireland in 2014. It was side ways rain. It was so bad even the local Irish golfers left and went into the clubhouse for a warm Irish Coffee. On the "Klondike" hole there is a small wooden box with whiskey in it. We definitely drank some of that, but kept on drudging through the rain storm. Damn the sails!!
  2. Choose me! Jon / California, Santa Rosa Hogan TK Wedges Strengths: under 25 yards Weakness: 26 - 50 yards and sand shots 13 handicap
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