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  1. Current HDCP is 21.6 out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA FB - Brian Park 589, IG - @parkb1 16+ rounds in 8 week span Current gamers are Callaway Mavrik Irons, Rogue Driver, XR Hybrids, Bombtech Wedges, Taylormade Spider Putter, also using Shotscope V2 shot tracking system so would be interested to see how it compares to Cobra Connect Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge
  2. The toplock system works well even for my sun mountain cart which has "teeth" that hold the top lock system. Probably doesnt work as well as the bag boy system but when i need a new push cart i know which brand i am buying! Attached are some pictures of the new bag. Looks like there were some design changes, such as a larger D ring for clipping stuff to the bag with a smaller velcro patch for gloves. Also after my first round on the course this week, I definitely do not see any threads pulling up with the clubs so there might have also been some internal improvements to construction to prevent the divider stitching from coming out. Will update as i play more rounds.
  3. Brian from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Current HDCP is 21 Currently gaming Callaway Mavrik Irons I would like the opportunity to test the standard Icons to see if I have the ball striking ability to go to a player's iron! Or at least for a very honest review of my ball striking ability to be included in the review!
  4. This is a combined review of an old Datrek DG Lite II and the Dynamic Brands company customer service. Like most, I would not take time out of my day to write a review unless it was really poor. I think that is just human nature that we expect good things and it is not something special when we get it. When we get poor quality and customer service we take time out of our day to trash talk the company and the product because we want them to feel the pain we feel! However, in this case I really wanted to recognize Dynamic Brands for their excellent customer service. I bought a Datrek DG Lite II about 2 years ago. It is a great lightweight bag and i bought it because i was travelling almost weekly for work and i wanted to get some rounds in during my travels. I wrote about a few of those on the road courses in a separate post in course reviews! Anyway, the bag itself is truly lightweight, which allows me to stuff some of my other clothes and essentials in my travel case with my clubs as extra cushioning. There are plenty of pockets for large and small items and it even has a cooler pocket which is able to fit a few bottles of water and some ice. The dividers work well and it has a large putter well in the front so the bag had everything i was looking for my travels. I noticed early on that the clubs would come out of the bag with some thread wrapped around the grips. I figured this was just extra thread from manufacturing and that it would eventually stop. Well, 2 years later it never stopped and now one of the dividers actually ripped out of the bottom of the bag and is hanging loose like a tongue! I reached out to Dynamic Brands and explained the situation and they said i should still submit details for warranty anyway and they will review. I submitted the information yesterday and today got a reply stating that my claim has been approved and that they will be shipping out a brand new bag! Wow that is customer service on another level and they have definitely earned a customer for life. There is an official forum review for bagboy cooler bags so if you are in the market for a new bag i would read up on those reviews and seriously consider getting one if it fits your budget and needs especially since you can rest assured the company has excellent customer service.
  5. Karma Velvet on Amazon. I change grips once a year so why go for expensive grips? These are tacky and last a season (all year long here in sunny SoCal)
  6. Unless you already have access to a compressor or plan on using for other things, wet grips seem to be the way to go. Plus you can do it at 2 am when you cant sleep and don't have to worry about waking up the family or the neighbors! Also, after a few times you definitely get the hang of it and goes quickly. Took me about 2-3 hours to do my first set now i can get done in about an hour maybe less. Helps to have a heat gun or blow dryer to get the old tape off if it is really stuck on but i change my grips every year (40-50 rounds per year in Southern California). I tend to buy the cheapo ones from Amazon (Karma velvet) so I can just replace them every year. Expensive grips to me are nice to have but not necessary IMO.
  7. Great review. Haven't played in Palm Springs area but I definitely need to some day. At least courses in all counties are now open so no need to go out that far!
  8. The first round of golf i played at a course in Ventura, CA when they opened up i saw the same thing. The range was open and it was packed. Tee times were not spread out so at one point we had 3 groups of 4 stacked up on a par 3. It was a great example of poorly managed social distancing. Plus it was walking only so I probably will not be going back there.
  9. Haha @Peaksy68 you are absolutely right! I guess I meant to say outside of the continental US. No offense intended to our Hawaiian brothers and sisters!
  10. Phew it has been a while as I put the travel golf on hiatus for a bit and as a manager I am not travelling as much. However I felt I needed to post a review on my last work travel golf trip which was in Germany! Travelled to Regensburg, Germany for a training with an OEM. While there I was able to link up with a team member from the OEM and he and his buddy from BMW took me out to a local semi-private course. Golf and Country Club Regensburg was private for a long time but as membership declined they turned it semi-private. The land belonged to the Princess of Bavaria and was her family's private hunting ground until it was turned into a golf course. Inside the club house they still have the antler mounts and makes for the coolest clubhouse I have ever seen. The green fees were reasonable (i think i paid around 60 euros) and it was an honor system as I played in the winter (November). No carts available as everyone there walks. Luckily my playing partners had electric push carts and i was able to use his wife's cart. The course itself is on the shorter side, don't remember the overall length but it is parkland and presents various challenges with carries over water and doglegs. It was a memorable round because it was my first course played outside of North America and it was such a beautiful setting. Highly recommended if anyone happens to be in that area and I can connect you with a local member!
  11. Hey MGS, Will be going to Kona for a wedding next March. Looking to play a round while on the island. Any recommendations?
  12. Watching Golf Sidekick play in Thailand makes me want to visit and play golf!
  13. Ontario, CA Current bag (s) - Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag and Callaway standbag ( no idea model as it was bought from Play It Again through consignment) A good cart bag should have plenty of storage since you are most likely not carrying it.
  14. - I have the V2 and have been using it for about 2 years now. If you are stat tracker then this is a great device. if all you want is GPS and distances there are probably better devices out there for you. But I am an engineer and love how this gives data that is trendable so you can track your performance improvement. Looking forward to the V3 as I have pre-ordered it. I like how you threw in an image of your round at St. Andrews. To make everyone jealous xP Yes customer service is awesome. My first unit came with a cracked screen and it was replaced immediately.
  15. Los Angeles, CA Age 35 95MPH SS Current fitness is average to below average (especially in COVID-19 times) I see this as an opportunity to increase my fitness levels and my swing speed so yes i will see this through!
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