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  1. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Patrick Cantlay Tier 3: Ian Poulter Tier 4: Kevin Na Tier 5: Whee Kim Winning Score: -13
  2. Brian California PW,AW Callaway XR, SW Callaway X14, LW 60 TM ATV 50,55,60 desired Sent from my SM-N950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Brian California TecTecTec DLXS500 and Shotscope V2 Sent from my SM-N950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. Can anyone tell me why some pictures keep posting in the wrong orientation? I have been taking pictures during my round to add to my course review posts but some photos, particularly the ones in portrait orientation keep turning the wrong way. Any way to change this in the editor?
  5. Prairie Lakes Golf Course Red/White - Dallas, TX Date played : 6/20/18 Tee off time : 1530 Price : $30 including cart Course conditions : good especially for the price! Played Prairie Lakes at the suggestion of a co-worker. They have a $20 9 and dine option but I chose to play a full 18. After 4PM it is $20 including cart but i started at 330 so I paid $30. Had a dinner appointment to get to so i needed the extra time. This course is technically located in Grand Prairie, south of Dallas. it is easy to get to and a great value. The course is actually 3 9 hole courses so total of 27 holes you can play. They usually start at Red then White then Blue ( Red White and Blue just like Old Glory!). The course layout is challenging but enjoyable. A few holes with blind turns but not very blind. You can still see the flag through the trees. Being that it is on Mountain Creek Lake, water is a definite hazard on many holes here. Careful shot placement is absolute. The course is well kept especially for the price so this is a great value for anyone and the difficulty is varied depending on the tee you play. They have 4 tees to choose from including the red women's tees. The course is not very long and long accurate drives will get you within 150 yards for most par 4's. The par 3's are challenging with water guarding most par 3 greens. The most memorable hole was #8 on red. The blue and white tees force you to make a choice. Either try and drive it over the lake at 225 yards from white tee to the far edge of the lake or play it safe and hit to the fairway on the right. I made the effort and ended up fading but landed on the fairway. Definitely not a good hole for hookers! Overall a great fun course to play and a great value too. I highly recommend it and will definitely try to get another round in before I go home! Red Hole 8 view from the white tee box my tee shot landing views from White Hole 6 marker (lost 3 balls into the water here! all great shots just not long enough!)
  6. Bear Creek West - Dallas, TX Date played : 6/19/18 Tee off time : 1442 Price : $35 including cart Course conditions : great Ok TBH this is the third time I am writing this review. Network keeps messing up. First two reviews written were great now I am just annoyed and will give the pertinent details. Overall this is a great course with good conditions especially considering the prices are fair. I played the East course before so today i played West. Both courses are good and have their own set of challenges. West course rewards for long and accurate drives. East i believe is more about strategy. Some blind holes due to greens being over a hill or in a valley. Hole 7 has a flagpole for players to raise and lower when in the landing zone. Started to rain cats and dogs towards the end of hole 7 but i played through and it stopped by the time i got to the tee for hole 8. That is normal Texas weather for y'all. i highly recommend this course for its conditions, pricing, and layout as well as proximity to DFW airport. It is within minutes. If you are ever flying through or to DFW and looking for a course to get in a quick round i highly recommend! Phew ok now i am going to copy this just in case! sorry cant figure out how to get this to orient correctly view from the bridge crossing the gulley after hitting off the tee at this hole hit a low flying drive here but it managed to roll up the hill and over to get me this great position
  7. My friend who plays Callaway Chromesofts says the 4 layers dont feel as soft as the Callaways in his opinion. I don't think I would be able to tell the difference at my current skill level. I played the 3 layer last week and bounced one off a cart path which scuffed the ball pretty bad but other than that no complaints.
  8. Golf is on my mind...what else???

  9. Just bought a tectectec DLXS for 180 because i missed out on the $50 rebate you guys were offering a little while back. If i had known you guys were offering a special discount for MGS members on top of the current rebate I may have reconsidered. I am still within the moneyback guarantee period with tectectec so I could still return it. Can you tell me what makes the NX7 Pro with slope any better than the TTT model for $20 more? If you sell me i may go ahead and return the TTT model and get the NX7 instead!
  10. - Brian - California USA - Callaway XR irons, steel shaft stiff - Avg 7 iron distance 160 yds
  11. 4 layer was recently sold out but the 3 layer original K-sigs are back at 23.99 for 2 dozen, max 2 orders per membership
  12. Yeah I guess so! Sent from my SM-N950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Hardcorelooper since you asked about Richmond! Fort Lee Golf Course (US Army Base) Chesterfield, VA (work and course had me in chesterfield but Richmond is the largest metro area) Date played : 3/22/18 Price : ~$60 including cart (no specials for this one) Course conditions : absolutely terrible (although it was in the middle of March) This was an army base golf course in Chesterfield. Interestingly the guard at the entrance to the base was an old timer who i guess was stationed in Korea for some time because when he saw my ID and my last name he said hello to me in Korean! Anyway, the course is easy enough to find and for civilians to play here you just have to go to the main base office/visitor center and get a pass. I am a veteran but there is no such thing as a "veteran" military ID card so i carry my old expired ID card so i still needed to get my pass. They don't have any special discounts for veterans (maybe for active duty?) so I paid full price. I am noticing that playing golf in the Northeast tends to be more expensive than the Southwest. The course conditions made playability very difficult. I understand this is still late winter/early spring for the Northeast since I grew up in NYC. However, considering that i paid $60 including cart to play a course where the only green on the course was the spray painted greens and the fringes on the green it was very disappointing. In addition, because it had just rained that day, it was cart path only and there were a lot of small ponds on the course ( water filled bunkers, depressions, etc) This made pace of play slow but luckily there weren't any groups ahead or behind me. I really feel they should reduce green fees during off seasons especially when the course conditions are that bad. As for the difficulty of the course itself, it wasn't particularly difficult but by no means an "easy" course. A good mix of holes with wide fairways and some holes that required strategic ball placement off the tee to get a good approach to the green. Considering I played 3 months ago, the only memorable hole was a short par 3 in which the approach is downhill with a pond guarding the green. Overall, considering the conditions I played in and the price i paid, i would not recommend this course. I am sure the conditions improve in the summer so I may be biased considering I live in SoCal where you can play golf year round. However, I did play a round early March in NY on a municipal course with similar green and cart fees and the course conditions were in much better shape. Most likely I will not return to play this course the next time i am back in the Richmond area.
  14. Superstition Springs in Mesa, AZ Date played : 6/4/18 Tee off time : 0500 ( had a 0930 meeting that day!) Price : $29 including cart ( through militaryteetimes.com ) Course conditions : fair considering the price Managed to get in a round before my 0930 meeting that morning! I teed off at 0500 ( around 510 when i actually teed off). It was not very crowded that early in the morning on a weekday. The shop attendant was very friendly and explained that the kitchen was not open and that they had sandwiches for sale. They have "mango towels" to help you cool off during your round though i did not use it so no comment on those! The course conditions were fair considering the price. The tee boxes were well kept with a few tee boxes that could have used a little more TLC ( uneven, lots of divots) but overall well kept. The groundskeepers were out as i was playing so i had to keep an eye out for them! The fairways for the most part are in good condition. A few brown spots here and there most likely from divots that were reseeded. The greens were not too fast and matched my tempo well. Playability wise i would say this course was challenging! The attendant at the bag drop (which at 0500 was not available but he was there when i returned my cart) told me that this course used to be a PGA qualifying course. There are many blind holes where you cannot see the flag and have to be strategic in where you place your tee shot. Bunkers galore with most greens being guarded by bunkers. Somehow i only managed to get into 3 or 4 bunkers during the entire round! The course is more hilly than my home course with many holes having small mounds and valleys leading up to the green. Water is not a major hazard in most holes but there are a few, namely hole 17 where the green is a penninsula surrounded on 3 sides by water! Hole 10 I believe has a dried up pond on the left side. The most memorable hole for me was number 12 which is a par 3 with the green way up on top of a hill. Any mishit and your ball goes rolling down and you will not be able to see the flag from even halfway up the hill! Overall i highly recommend this course for the value and playability. I would definitely return for another round if I am in the area. Since this is my first course review, I welcome any feedback that would make it better! Let me know how i can make my reviews more informative! Thanks!
  15. I travel often for work and thought I would share reviews of the different courses I play as I play them. I've already played courses in California where I currently live, NY, Richmond VA, Allentown PA, Mesa AZ, Indianapolis IN, Dallas TX, with many more cities to come!
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