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  1. I kept hearing that about the grips. Maybe I’ll try a rain glove first, and see how it goes. Thanks!
  2. I recently regripped my clubs with the GP MCC+4 align. I like them in dry conditions. However, in the last few rounds in high humidity or rain, I found them to be slipping all over the place. Can anyone recommend grips they use? Thanks
  3. Joe USA-Georgia Handicap - 17 Current Iron - TM P790; Arccos, 7-iron carry - 160-165 (Note that I also have the MEVO Flightscope).
  4. Joe McCrary Georgia Taylor Made M3, 9 degrees, Project X Red 6.0 Swing speed 100-105, HC=16 Yes, I do use a launch monitor. Mevo flightscope. Have not played Tour Edge before, but I've been looking a lot at them lately.
  5. Anyone try these yet? I tried them on at the PGA store. They felt very comfortable at first, but seemed a little tight around the sides after a few minutes. I haven't been too thrilled with the first 2 versions of this shoe.
  6. Joe Acworth, Georgia Adidas raingear. The pants are fine but a bit warm. I find the large jacket too small and XL too large. Worst rain -- we have a tournament called the hard day's scramble. It's in December, just before Christmas. We use it to collect toys for the underprivileged kids in the neighborhood. The local police collect the toys and give them to the kids. They usually have to rent a few U-Haul trucks. Anyway, this one year, it rained torrents. High winds. You couldn't see the ball on the tee, and it wouldn't stay still in the fairway or on the green. The holes on the greens were full of water -- one hole was cut on a low part of the green, and was surrounded by a 6' wide puddle of water that you had to putt through. I did finish my round, as did most others.
  7. I'd love to test it for you and report back Joseph Georgia Yes, I use performance tracking (GameGolf) and have also used others Yes Apple Watch and Bushnell range finder with GPS for GPS
  8. Welcome to the forums joemac30102 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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