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  1. I think I added mine. No one around me but i also travel. Hope to meet up with some others at some point.
  2. Next week I cam make the trip to myrtle beach too.
  3. I do enjoy a solo round here and there but like you, it's social. I love being with others. Plus so someone can verify those 2 or 3 awesome shots I have. When I am alone and don't play well I am more apt to just walk off the course. And especially when I have to play super slow. Would u play the course again though?
  4. Or any recommendations for the area. Played Carolina national last time and oak island gc.
  5. Heading down there wl this coming wed. Should be able to golf thursday, Friday and Saturday. Anyone in the area interested let me know.
  6. Josh, New York (but travel for work ) be in Carolinas and texas till may.) GHIN 17 Callaway superstar or Taylor made tp5x Would try the gold box softer ball. Thanks for consideration.
  7. First name: Josh Home State/Province/Country : NY, USA, but travel for work so golf other states ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes. 18birdies Do you use a GPS watch? I don't but golf partner does. Which ones? Previously izzo, garmin, and now sky caddie I have a GPS app on phone that I don't use much, track on 18birdies and post on there often. And I have a bushnell range finder v3. Would like to try a watch for comparison and the performance tracking, to see how well it works. I have been working on my game allot in the past 2 years and a good taking system may hel
  8. Welcome to the forums JoshB :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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