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  1. i play in a lot of wind and i am a high spin iron player , just figuring out what would work best
  2. With the data , picture wide open par 5 what ball do you launch down the fairway . And then a 150 yard par three over water into heavy wind what ball does not balloon for you .
  3. I am still trying to figure this out , soft balls are slow but low spin, Foes this mean an iron into a heavy wind would be far better with a chrome soft over a pro v x?
  4. I have heard the pro's didnt like the early sets due to getting jumpers. Interesting the prices have now fallen below everyone else for certain pxg.
  5. I have 2 undearmour sweaters. Cold gear. Great stuff.
  6. Have not used the compact 3 yet but it's nice. Really light. Seems sturdy .
  7. I have one to use, they are fantastic. Better than I think sometimes. I ordered dots and now I realize it works really well without them. I am using it in my bk yard net and works great. I was on trackman all winter and this is really good.
  8. Added a o works 7s. Hopefuly golf is near.
  9. I have an old scotland. Full club and a half off now with the lofts..
  10. tjyorke

    SIK putters

    Great idea. For me i really can't tell how a putter rolls . I can see the technical stuff how its suppose to roll but i have never used one and i have had lots that i would say man that rolls well. Just me
  11. My post was more i simply didn't know. My thoughts are if you can afford them go for it. No one should care , just like the guy playing a 10yr old driver who cares. Too many judge by clubs.
  12. They have been out long enough. Anyone if they are making money ? Tough market at their price point.
  13. My first qualifier is cancelled, US senior, hoping my next Senior Amateur isn't but most likely will be cancelled, good chance that this year will have zero events, how about your area.
  14. Watch it whenever it's on, guys and girls are so fast
  15. I have a pr of callaway imperial, great in hot weather, anything not waterproof breaths better.
  16. Its shallow so in real conditions might be interesting.
  17. The sub zero is fairly new to me. I did hit it a lot on trackman this winter. Its really long I thought my m4 was but the callaway is 10carry and over 10 total. I dont swing it that fast 103 with a 3 wd but numbers are around 255 carry 275ish total. Low spin.
  18. I can but i have an area i put my generator in . It will go in there
  19. I bought pressure treated plywood, used 3m adhesive spray, to attach gym mats , then fatigue mats attached same way, then artificial turf stapled for easy replacement. This is 5x4 ft, then I have another piece same way 30in x 4ft with an indent for golf balls, You can see the mat on my Instagram TYORKE1 , maybe 150 in it and well worth it, I then bought the same net as the value net from here and I have a mevo, net here friday . I have 50yrds cut in bk yard for small range
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