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  1. I don't think dividers will help with jumbo grips. You'll most likely be pulling the divider up as well...
  2. Mike / Lakewood, Ca I do currently use a device I currently use the Golf Pad app on my phone as well as cart rangefinders if applicable.
  3. Mike / California 10 I have never used a putting training device before
  4. Mike / California KZG / 9.5 / Novatech 8000 / Stiff HDCP 9.5 / Swing speed 102 / portable Swing Caddie I have not played a tour edge driver before Good luck to all...
  5. They say the first step is acceptance. Well done sir...
  6. Mike - California FootJoy Hydrolite Originally being from Central California I've played in everything from a downpour to Tule fog (which is like walking through a cold sauna for 4 hours). Wet is one thing, and cold is another, but when you're lucky enough to have both, with a little wind thrown in, it's a real treat. You are soaked head to toe and chilled to the bone when finished. So I'm very familiar with layering to the point of restriction.
  7. It will be awesome to see how this works. Mike California KZG Nova Tech 8000 S Fit for driver - yes
  8. Mike - California Cleveland CG10 52 / 56 / 60 Would like to test 52 / 56 / 60 Black if possible, but either is fine....
  9. Mike California Cleveland Ta7 Tour / Cleveland Proto graphite +1 (1" over) / Stiff flex 7 iron dist 157yds
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