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  1. my gold stick has been used for 3 years but my fruit hand that was made for me in exchange is slightly difficult
  2. On certain holes we probably will
  3. I think he is great. He doesn't talk too much, and he shows some excitement when it's warranted
  4. Good luck everybody. This thread should be a lot of fun for the entire week of the US Open.
  5. I used to walk and push my cart all the time. About 1/2 the guys I play with walk. (old guys at that) The past year I got out of the habit for some reason. I also used to claim I played better when I walked. But honestly I don't. No better or worse. Same.
  6. I learned but it really did not look as expected I learned but it really did not look as expected
  7. Share If you are among the majority that doesn’t live next to or own a course

  8. Featuring vertical slots for accurate positioning and well-integrated low positioned weight, these clubs employ a lot of technology while maintaining a clean look to improve playability. With minimum offsets and a more compact head than the M2s, they could easily be mistaken for a player's club. The satin chrome finish provides a touch of class and creates a beautiful and streamlined look. The technology used works well with the overall shape and style and creates an immaculate finish.
  9. Best way to shave strokes off your game?

  10. Hi. I have an old injury on my left shoulder. It makes my left shoulder to be lower than the right. What impact could this have on my setup and low point of my swing. I need to pre tilt rather excessively to compensate and not hit it fat. This makes me lose the free feeling and I get some pain in the right side rear back. thanks in advance.
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    I need to buy a new stick and do not know which one to choose I need to buy a new stick and do not know which one to choose
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