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  1. Steve Hernando, FL TOUR EDGE HL2 13.4 index 85mph TSi2
  2. Steve, Hernando Florida Handicap is 11.6 Current irons: PING Eye 2 7i carry distance is 140y
  3. First Name/State or Country of residence: Steve, Fredericksburg, VA Handicap: 12 Current irons in Play: PING i3+ The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 142
  4. - Steve - VA - PING G400 Alta CB graphite; Soft Regular; Green dot - 142
  5. I'm I'm! Steve, VA PING K15, 12 degree soft regular flex Swing speed 85 mph, hdcp 12.0 Prefer 12 degree senior flex Mizzy!
  6. why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?
  7. 41/37 today, from the forward tees at Rapidan in Orange County VA. An unusually good day of tempo and ball striking. The rain finally stopped and this place is hilly and drains well. 90 degree rule in place but my 2-some still got around in 3 hours. Life is good!
  8. Love the article. Ego is no longer a factor at my age. I'm just trying to enjoy the game now. I average 200 off the tee and typically play 5600 to 5800 yard tees - a bit longer than the article suggests. Problems I see - courses don't have enough tee boxes to accommodate the suggested brackets, especially for the ladies. MANY courses I play have the most forward tees playing at 5000 yards. My wife is a decent player and needs tees at about 4000 yards to be able to hit greens in reg. That means that some folks (men or women) would have to follow the Barney Adams Tee-it-Forward model and tee it from some spot in the fairway to get the course yardage that matches their tee distance. I think at the very least, more courses need to add teeing areas that are in the low 4K yardage.
  9. Howdy folks. PapaD here. Geezer (66) snowbird from VA and FL. 12 Handicapper, PING nut, recovering club HO, club builder/repairman. Retired Fed, hobby musician (guitar), 4 kids, 8 grandkids (#9 in the oven), and the best wife ever (she plays golf!). AKA sdandrea on WRX, PaPaD on Shottalk, sdandrea1 on Golfbuzz. Steve
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