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  1. 1. Ed - Massachusetts 2. 5.0.......around 97 MPH 3. Taylormade M2 4. Epic flash
  2. EJH / New England Current rain gear. Adidas clima-heat and clima-lite, footjoy dry joys and Tour, Patagonia a number of membranes including Goretex and fleece, various base layers like Columbia Omniheat or patagonia capilene. I like being comfortable, when it rains here its usually chilly and windy along the coast. One piece of rainwear doesn't cut it it can a combination including managing moisture. Favorite membrane is Outdry, Entrante, then Goretex Last April, freezing rain around 30 degrees. Won my match partially due to my choice of apparel
  3. $35.00 is cost on them to most green grass accounts ( proshops)
  4. Ive been playing the ball exclusively for over a year now, they fly a little higher than Prov1 and X but with less spin. with less spin less movement in windier conditions, they track nice. The biggest difference is irons 6,7, 8 and 9 they fly higher, further and with less spin. The practically come down straight. On par 3s I often find the green ball mark just a few feet away from the ball. You don't need a trackman to see the apex of the shot is higher. Of course if you are jumping around from brand to brand, model to model you won't know what I speak of. BTW if you want to get to
  5. I hit them at the practice range with the thought of a mid to high handicapper, I hinestly don't see hiow they would benefit a golfer...benefit being the operative word. take any golfer and have them fitted to one of the game improvements clubs by various manufactuers. One that comes to mind is the new CGB by taylormade, if you can't hit that and get proper gaps between each club......well take quite a few lessons or give it up.
  6. Yes, all the time. The new golf pants are very comfortable, above all breathable and light....like wearing shorts except classier looking. Losers = cargo shorts, throw em out if you still wear them. One of women's magazines did a poll of what mens apparel turns you off the most... Cargo shorts any color, as long as it has exterior pockets was the number one turn off. Most of the women's comments mentioned "loser"
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