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  1. It's a very strange market at the moment. Equipment is in high demand, so used prices are very high. If you can buy at prior prices, then I expect you can make some money flipping. I wouldn't count on it to last too long.
  2. Mission Royale down in Casa Grande. It’s a nice everyday layout that’s suffering in condition under the care of the current operator. But it’s in our development and it’s very walkable.
  3. Do the Alphard or the MGI Zip Navigator have easy disconnect to let the wheels free-wheel? In AZ in the winter, I connect the handle of my push cart to the rear rack on my bicycle, and I pedal to the course with my cart trailing behind me. I'd love to get a remote electric cart, so the freewheel setting & convenience is important.
  4. I took a second look at it, and I'm pretty sure it's cumulative, not relative. So yeah, it's not that useful. It wouldn't take much for them to make it useful with some sort of relative numbers.
  5. To the OP, does the SG page by hole shape reflect the case that you have more straight holes than doglegs? You can't be 4x worse on straight holes on a relative basis. But if most holes are straight, then you'll have more strokes lost on those. And if that's the case, how can we know that page is meaningful? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Can I get a Broke 80, and HIO? Thanks!
  7. Sounds very sensible. What were you trying to do previously with your irons and iron shots? Do you feel you've traded something off by using these irons?
  8. 1. Don, Illinois 2. 8 index, 90 MPH 3. 915 D2 current driver 4. Would like the regular 410 in 12 degrees, with the 55R shaft. Thank you.
  9. Because I'm not a club FITTER. Jeesh. Thanks for the welcome to the site.
  10. In the asking around and reading and viewing I've done, I find that if a person wants to buy an OEM driver, almost nobody is equipped to fit them less that 45 inches. So I'm wondering if it makes much sense for me to get fitted at 45, then order it at 44 (hopefully with added weight), or no, the fit won't translate well to the shorter length. I am an experienced, well-equipped amateur clubmaker so I can do any mods myself if I need to, but that's secondary. The main question is will the fit for a 45" driver still be good when I make it, or get it made, 44"? In my own builds and modified OEMs, I would say yes, pretty much. If you play less than 45 inches and have been fitted at 45 or more, what has been your experience after cutting it down? Did the fitting hold up?
  11. Tier 1: Joh Rahm Tier 2: Bryson DeChambeau Tier 3: Charlie Hoffman Tier 4: Adam Hadwin Tier 5: Kyle Stanley Winning Score: -6
  12. Don, Illinois 915D2 12 degree, stock Red 50 Regular 90 mph, 10.0 index 12.5 Tensei Orange Regular Thanks!
  13. Don, Illinois Current: Snake Eyes MS with regular graphite Hcp: 10.0 latest revision Would like: Launcher HBs, regular flex graphite, 2* upright. I play frequently and was actually considering the HB's to help get back some distance and height.
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