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  1. Bill Smalley Chattanooga, TN 16 handicap 52/56/60 DTG 50/54/58
  2. Bill Tennessee USA Cobra S3 graphite regular flex 7 iron = 150 yds
  3. Bill from Tennessee Lost job so need a driver Currently hitting 2 older Taylor Made adjustable R9s in reg and stiff 95-99 swing speed 16 handicap now 9.5* MCA Tensei Orange in Regular Flex
  4. Bill from Tennessee Lost job so need a new driver!! Hitting a pair of older Taylor Made R9's in Reg and Stiff flexes 16 handicap now 9.5* loft wanted MCA Tensei Orange Shaft in Regular flex
  5. 69 and ready for a new set of irons.....CBXs maybe??? Bill TN Cobra S3 irons currently reg flex 18 hdc CBX irons reg flex
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