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  1. John, Washington Ping Sigma Right hand I'm interested in testing the TA #3 because I'm on the fence about swapping my blade for a mallet. Also the prospect of gaming an under the radar brand, like my Tour Edge Exotics CBX 3 wood, makes me smile.
  2. So I'm a Lamkin guy. I have the new version of the Crosslines on my z725s, the UTX Wrap on some Mizuno JPX 900s and I'm about to put the UTX Chords on my new z765s. All are midsize. I cant quite pin down which grips I like more. I dont wear a glove when I play so any of the cord style I tend to gravitate towards.
  3. John Poulsbo, WA 113 / 12.7 13.5* 3W, 17* 2i, 21* 3 hybrid Right Hand 
  4. Has anyone in the Seattle area been fitted for a set? I live across the sound in Poulsbo, so I know I'm going to take the ferry across. And if you have, where did you go and what did you think of it? I'm thinking about getting fitted for my birthday this fall.
  5. No one likes slow (4.5+) rounds. Its maddening. That being said, and I've seen it a few times in this thread, being courteous to the groups around you is the way to go. Playing the right tee box for your game, and letting the group behind you play through if your group is slow makes this game we enjoy great for everybody. Ready golf is the way to go, if you're not in a tournament situation, and I feel needs to be practiced more.
  6. John Washington Ping Sigma Anser Putting is a weakness in my game. I'm working on getting it better.
  7. If I have enough notice and my work schedule allows it, I'm in as well.
  8. John Washington Titleist 917D2/9.5/Project X Evenflow Blue 6.0 13.1 handicap. Swing speed about 112-115. I've used a SwingCaddie SC100 before, looking to buy something a bit more advanced in the near future. I haven't experienced a TEE driver before, but I absolutely love my TEE CBX 3 metal, it is an absolute howitzer that replaced my 915F3 last year.
  9. Damn dude, that is some serious driver changes. I'm actually kinda jealous, no way I could keep the wife from finding out/asking alot of questions. I'm curious to know how the ST190 compares to the Z785.
  10. Some Srixon, some Mizuno. Titleist and Tour Edge. With a Ping to putt with. Looking forward to getting my Jones Trooper Utility. Still haven't settled on a ball for the season, although the new E.R.C. from Callway feels nice, but I'm wanting to try the new Snell MTB X. Any suggestions that don't start with TaylorMade or Titlesist?
  11. Anyone in the Kitsap County area of Washington? Looking to expand my game to some other courses and meet new people.
  12. 1. John - Poulsbo WA 2. 13 hdcp, swing speed 97 3. Titlesit 917D2 4. G410 Plus
  13. I've been playing golf since for about 25 years now, started on a cut down set as a kid made by my grandfather. I'm a 13 handicap. I love golf because I grew up playing with my dad, uncles, a few aunts and my grandfather. I lived in New Mexico my whole life until I joined the Navy almost 6 years ago, leaving Hawai'i and off to Washington later this week. Looking forward to see what style of golf they play in the Pacific Northwest (heard it gets wet from time to time).
  14. Jared from Hawai'i (moving to Washington this week) Nike Storm Fit A few years ago when I lived in New Mexico we had 20 mph winds with rain that accumulated 2 inches in about an hour and half. My Dad wasn't thrilled but my uncle was persistent, needless to say I got soaked through.
  15. Thanks alot. This is really helpful for gaping the lower end of my bag. And I picked them up on E-Bay with TT DG300 stiffs.
  16. Thats what I'm lead to believe. And the interwebs haven't been kind with the Loft/Lie search. Time to get them measured I suppose
  17. New here obviously but been playing my entire life. Having said that, very new to the Japanese equipment side of the game. I currently have a set of Mizuno JPX EZ Forged irons in play but recently purchased a set of Z725 Endo irons on a whim. That being said, I cant find a whole lot of information on them. Was wondering if anyone knows much about them or a good place to look. Thanks in advance!
  18. So having clean grooves is crucial to creating spin to stop the ball or zip it back on a green, I think that is written in stone somewhere. But how many players, professional or amateur, actually use tools specifically to sharpen there grooves? Been seeing a few adds here and there about groove sharpeners. I was just wondering if they are a gimmick or a legit tool to have. Any advice or better yet, links to information would be much appreciated.
  19. John Hawai'i Mizuno JPX 900 EZ Forged/True Temper XP 95/S300 7 iron- 174
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