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  1. Buffly: See if you can find a Ping G400 LST with 10.5* loft & regular shaft. Adjust the loft to 11*. Your swing speed of 100 +/- 8 mph doesn't warrant a stiff shaft. Pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with this setup.
  2. Picked up a new Tight Lies 3 & 5 wood from Adams Golf for the upcoming golf season. Use to play the original Tight Lies back in 1995 so if they perform anywhere near the originals I'm gonna need a bigger trophy shelf.
  3. This is exactly the conundrum I'm having. Way back in 1998, I replaced my 3 & 5 Adams Tight Lies fairway woods with the Callaway Great Big Bertha Hawkeye 3, 5 & 7 woods with Hawkeye UL Firm Flex graphite shafts. Over the years I have bought & sold numerous fairway metals in the hopes of finding something to replace them. I know the reason I haven't found the right replacements clubs yet is because I have yet to find a shaft that is comparable to the Hawkeye UL Firm Flex graphite shafts. I'm still looking, but I did pick up the new Adams Tight Lies 3 & 5 woods this
  4. I'm still using the Odyssey White Steel 2 Ball CS I won in a tournament in 2004. Last year I bought a new Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball CS to replace it but I couldn't find the heart to take the 2004 putter out of the bag...maybe this year. It's definitely showing its age but damn it's been a good putter.
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