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  2. Tier 5: Scottie Scheffler Winning score: -2 Cheers!
  3. Winning Score: -11 Tier 5: Jason Kokrak
  4. Michael. Oklahoma. Edel 2.0 Right Hand I have been interested in some time now in switching to a mallet putter as opposed to my current blade putter. I have tested a few at golf stores and have really enjoyed the feel of a mallet putter as it seems I can keep my stroke much straighter. Testing this on the course would be ideal since over the last year I have improved my game off the tee and from the fairways and putting is the last piece of my game that I am trying to put together. Cheers!
  5. - Michael - Stillwater, OK - 98 mph driver swing speed, 9 handicap - 3 iron, 3 wood Right Handed Cheers!
  6. Not sure if this has been posted but https://m.dickssportinggoods.com/s/rorywins Terms and conditions state "no purchase necessary" "To participate without making a Qualifying Purchase, during the Promotion Period, visit a participating Dick’s Sporting Goods or Golf Galaxy location in the United States and obtain a unique numbered Refund Promotion form from a sales associate. Refund Promotion forms will not be available after ordinary business hours of participating stores on May 15, 2019." Basically, just walk in, ask for a refund Promotion form, and if Rory wins send it in for a free M5 or M6.
  7. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Patrick Cantlay Tier 3: Thomas Pieters Tier 4: Byeong Hun An Tier 5: Charles Howell Winning Score: -15
  8. Michael - Oklahoma Nike SV 60 degree and Mizuno MP-64 PW Would love to try BXW-1 52, 56, and 60!
  9. 1. Michael 2. Oklahoma 3. 15 Handicap 4. I am using 18 birdies for GPS and use it a few times each round to track shots (mainly to see different distances with different clubs) Thanks!!
  10. Welcome from Oklahoma! I was just in Clearwater last week for work and a group of us were able to take an afternoon and go play Innisbrook. Some great courses in that area.
  11. Like most golfers, I am always wanting to add equipment... and whenever that is complete it's about time to go through and update everything, rinse and repeat. I am at a dilemma right now and am struggling to figure out what to add next to my set and would like some advice! Basically, my options are: 1. Some kind of long iron/hybrid/wood - I only have a 3 and 4 iron which I don't hit very good at all and a 3-wood which I can hit pretty well. I have looked at different hybrids or even a 5 or a 7 wood to help with those longer yardages that are too long for my 5 iron but too short for my 3 wood. 2. Gap wedge(s) - Right now I have the pitching wedge that came with my iron set and a 60-degree wedge. I hit my PW around 130 and have gotten pretty good at hitting my 60 lately but I still struggle in those ranges in between the PW and 60 and wouldn't mind adding a 52, 54, and 56. The second part of this question is if I can only get one of those at a time which wedge to add first? 3. Gear overhaul - New bag, new shoes, new iron grips. My bag is an older stand bag and the dividers are coming loose so the clubs mix around every now and then when moving. My shoes are older than any club I own. Winning the lottery and being able to do it all at once would be nice! But until that happens I'll have to settle with the slower method. I mean, the tortoise does win the race, right? Thanks for any input!
  12. I am participating in my first 4 person scramble this weekend since quite a few years ago and I am a much better golfer now. What have you found is a good strategy for a 4 person scramble? The other three guys are your average golf once or twice a year guys, but really fun to golf with! I'm not too sure on the specific rules to this scramble. Obviously, I just want to go out and have fun but let's assume there is no cheating (big assumption), what are some good key points and strategies that can help us get a lower score?
  13. - Michael - Oklahoma, USA - 3-PW Mizuno MP 64, True Temper Gold Stiff flex - 165 yards
  14. Tier 1 - Rickie Fowler Tier 2 - Alex Noren Tier 3 - Rafa Cabrera Bello Tier 4 - Si Woo Kim Tier 5 - Emiliano Grillo Tie Breaker: -7
  15. (Look at my avatar and read this with a grain of salt) Just some thoughts from someone here in Stillwater who went to every day of the women's and men's tournament. Obviously, home field didn't help the OSU women's team since they didn't qualify as a team, just one individual qualified and she didn't finish in the top 10. For the men's, I hear both sides of the argument and there are valid points to each. Hosting it at a college course will, of course, bring more college sports feel to it with the fan turnout, especially in this year's case with the top-ranked team hosting. The advantage in a home course is mainly held with the greens, even more so at a course like Karsten. OSU came in as the #1 seed nationally, and rightfully so. With them being the #1 seed, it is hard to use this year as an example since they had been so dominant this year. If OSU had been an outside the top 10-15 team, and came in and won on their home course then we can talk more about an "unfair" advantage. I think the main takeaway I had was the need to change the format of the match play. Instead of letting stroke play the few days before determining the rankings for match play, they should reseed based on national rank. OSU (#1) faced A&M(#2) in the quarterfinals which came down to playoff holes and OSU barely made it to the semis. After that, it was smooth sailing for them. But of course, I went to OSU, still live in Stillwater, and am a huge OSU fan so I enjoyed the atmosphere at the national championships. I do think a neutral has its pros and could be more beneficial. Maybe A&M would've beat us on a neutral site with how close that match was. Either way, I am looking forward to cashing in my complimentary 2 rounds of golf at Karsten Creek that I received for volunteering, where I hope to lose no more than 10 balls per round...
  16. Oh thanks! I must've missed that one. I think I searched around for just titles relating to it. Thanks again
  17. I'll leave my opinion out of it for the start since I may be (obviously) a little bias... I've been seeing a lot of people speaking out against the NCAA championship being hosted by home courses of college teams and how that gives them an unfair advantage. What is your opinion on it? I know several journalists and some tour pros (Snedeker) came out against it after yesterday's OSU victory.
  18. I volunteered with the Golf Channel the last 2 weeks for the NCAA championships at Karsten... It was high 90's nearly every day and most of the prime time rounds began in the mid-afternoon. You can bet I'd be using a push cart if I was out there playing! Especially on Tuesday when they played two rounds
  19. My name is Michael. Grew up in Texas, but have been living in Stillwater, OK for the last 2 years since my wife is a part of the vet med program here at OSU. I also went to college here so... Go Pokes!!! I found this website a couple months ago as I was researching different clubs, mainly drivers. My wife along with my parents got me a gift card to get me fitted for a new driver and I ended up going with the Ping G400 max and love it. I grew up playing golf, but the last 8 or so years it had become a once or twice a year kind of hobby. I am changing that this year and have been more focused on improving my game and using golf as a stress reliever when I'm not working. Looking forward to being a part of this community and am definitely looking forward to learning from some of the vets here!
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