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  1. Info: Colin, Vancouver British Columbia, 30 rounds per year Social Media Accounts: Twitter and Instagram Handicap: 24, Swing Speed: 95 mph Current Set: Ping G5 (Driver, 3 Wood, 19 & 22 Hybrids), Titleist 716 AP1 Irons, Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges (52, 56, 60) Desired Cobra Set: Left Handed Driver: F9 Speedback, 10.5 degree, Regular Flex 3 Wood: F9 Speedback, Regular Flex Hybrids: F9 Speedback 3 & 4 Hybrid, Regular Flex Irons: F9 conventional length, Regular Flex Wedges: F9 52, 56, 60, Regular Flex, Versatile Grind.
  2. Colin British Columbia, Canada Cleveland TA6 Graphite Shaft, Regular Flex 160 yards
  3. I'm using the SS midslim 2.0 currently. Any reason for the switch? Would you recommend this switch?
  4. Hi all, I'm interested to know what everyone's experience is with laser range finders, hand held GPS, or a GPS Watch. I've dialed in the distances for my clubs at the range but sometimes misjudge the distance when i'm on the course. What are your positive and negative experiences with these?
  5. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Bryson DeChambeau Tier 3: Ian Poulter Tier 4: Brendan Steele Tier 5: Kyle Stanley Winning Score: -3
  6. I got one used on craigslist. I was looking for a face balanced putter and it fit the bill. Highly recommend getting one.
  7. I definitely tossed my name in for that. I figured as a high handicap player I could provide a different perspective than someone that shoots close to par.
  8. My miss for the irons is a slice. I usually feel my hands are just a little bit behind where they should be when this happens.
  9. I'm a fairly casual golfer but in the last couple of years I've been trying to get out to the course as much as I can. I'm always at the range with my Dad about 4 or 5 times a week. I'm usually shooting low 90's. I don't exactly know what you mean my miss. I'm guessing miss hit shots? I'm fairly consistent out of the tee box and approach shots to the green. My chipping needs a lot of work and would attribute to most of my miss hits. I'd say my budget is around $1000. The initial draw to the Taylor Made M2 and the Cleveland CBX was I needed at least some place to start the hunt. My Dad hits Taylor Made R11s and is quite happy with them. I was interested in the new Clevelands to see what the difference in feel would be like between my current ones and new ones on the market. I'd like to get fit and have a general sense of which clubs I should be looking at. I would hate to buy something OTR and find out on the course that it has actually hurt my game. There are probably tons of clubs I've never heard of. Just yesterday I learned that Bettinardi Putter existed. 100% I'm open to anything that fits my swing. I'm sure it will come down to a few options that have a similar feel (or maybe not). At that point I think I'll be deciding on what I feel most confident swinging.
  10. Vegas to win the stanley cup.

  11. As the title suggests, I'm on the hunt for new irons. I'm currently playing Cleveland TA-6's I've had since I was 15. 11 year later, I'm looking for an upgrade. What are the general recommendations from guys on here? The TaylorMade M2's caught my eye as well as the new Cleveland CBX.
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