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  1. Mr. (Spy) T. The specs you posted here look great. However the specs posted on Miura's North American site shows different, very confusing specs. Wonder if anyone can verify which ones are correct. The NA ones seem all over the map and don't make much sense to me, almost to the point you would have to change lofts on at least two clubs to get reasonable gapping. Thanks to anyone with details.
  2. I'm not a fan of the decals, but love the Black Pearl look. Some of the other forums where players have hit them have a big fan following. I will reserve judgement. They still look a heck of a lot better than most of the new stuff coming out for 2011...ie. Callaway.
  3. Too close to a VAS, which was the ugliest club of all time that I ever saw. Did anyone other than Captain Pavin ever play them? Cleveland VAS and Alien...battling it out at the discount table.
  4. You must be too young to remember the Cleveland VAS, a club only Corey Pavin could love.
  5. Very, very ugly. Plain Jane of players irons. I thought the Ping and Callaway lines overused decals in the cavity, their implementation although not my cup of tea look better. Perhaps the brand name with get them through.
  6. For me, with the Eye2 wedges it is not just about the grooves. The sole configuration, if it is the same, is just magical compared to many wedge offerings today. Just awesome out of the sand, and the right amount of bounce off of tight lies (as long as it isn't hardpan). I will be buying at least the SW.
  7. Any chance of comparison picks with something other than the A4 Tour that we may be more familiar with. They look awesome, but just how small are the heads. I playe 845's in the 90's and loved them. I can see the familiarity, but not sure if these are "really" small heads. Thanks for the post.
  8. Get a deal on a set of Cleveland Launcher irons. Not that expensive through many outlets and great performers. I bought these for my sons, and they play just great.
  9. The original is far more versatile. This is a great out of the rough club, its usefulness ends there.
  10. has not set their status

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