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  1. nossagog

    Balata ball

    I tell the story from a few years back, I was at a garage sale and they had a box with three sleeves of the Top Flight Z-Balata balls for $5. Had to take them as I used to play them. When we were on spring break with our kids, I took them to a par three course and I used the Z-balata balls. MAN now I remember why they were fun to play with all the spin you could get on them. During a regular round during the trip I took one out to play, for one hole. As fun as it was on the par 3 course to see the spin with wedges, the ball went no where with a regular shot, probably about only 80% of regular distance off the driver. Balls were probably 15years old or so.
  2. Well the old cleveland RTX3's finally had worn down to the point that the micro grooves were finally smooth. So it was time. Got the Cleveland RTX 4 wedges for replacement. 48 - Mid bounce, 52 Mid bounce, 56 Mid bounce and 60 Low bounce. Wanted the low bounce as I use the 60 around greens and on tight lies. Irons are the Callaway Apex 19 forged 3-9-iron. Adams Golf 2-hybrid Callaway XR driver and 3-wood Evnroll ER8 putter Have to make a game day decision, depending on the course, if the 3 iron or 2hybrid goes in the bag.
  3. Dave,South Carolina Current Handicap Index - 3.6 48,52,56 and 60degree Cleveland RTX3(previous wedges were the Cleveland SG 15's) 3/4 shots with my 56 and 60 degree wedges for instant stop.
  4. David South Carollina 4.5 MG C4 Urethane spring thru fall. E6 soft winter Softer feel
  5. Driver - Callaway XR pro FW - Callaway XR 3wood Hybrid - Adams 2 Hybrid Irons - Callaway Apex Forged Wedges - Cleveland RTX588(48,52,56,60) Putter - Evenroll ER8 Balls - Bridgestone E6 soft
  6. Hey all, love th game In my bag Callaway XR pro driver Callaway XR pro 3 wood Adams Tight Lies 2hybrid Callaway Apex Pro Forged irons Cleveland 518 wedges Evenroll ER8 Putter Bridgestone ER6 Soft balls Currently a 5.5 handicap, goal is
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