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  1. These finally came in yesterday! Spring can’t come soon enough. Had a range session with them and am so happy. 921T with KBS $taper 130x.
  2. Sorry guys I can’t get past this so I’ll just say it. In my opinion a players iron should be come with traditional lofts and construction. Most of us playing these irons aren’t waving the magic want and asking for distance.It’s about consistency and control. I would almost bet that any fitter would not hand a 0-5 handicap a p770 after they just hit a 921 tour or T100. It would be a P7MC. Unless the player was looking for less spin and more.... distance. Why isn’t the P7MC on this list? A Stronger lifted hollow body speedfoam is most likely to get the most distance. No surprise there. With the
  3. Hit both of these again tonight after being fit two weeks ago and my fitting had 921T come in on top with p7-mc a close second, both hit in the kbs $taper 130x. hit 6i in fitting and hit 7i tonight. Results tonight mirrored what I saw two weeks ago which is nice because it gives me some confirmation. I am coming from my classic Adams cb2 idea pro black irons which have stayed in my bag for years and honestly there are still only marginal improvements. Anyway on to what I found. I am a +1.0 Hcp and feel like I hit the ball well and I feel like these irons fall into a 0-6 handicap category. Wa
  4. Months later this driver is still the best I’ve ever played. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Curious if you have every played anything from golf pride and how the utx and the new grips relate to anything in the golf pride line. I’ve always played golf pride tour wrap and cp2 wrap. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Thanks for this! Curious which are the grips I’ve highlighted in this pic?
  7. For anyone interested. Arccos has a group on Facebook where literally every question has been asked and answered. Arccos is awesome
  8. That’s a nice looking bag right there!️
  9. Hey guys, new to this so don’t kill me. Got fit into the jpx 921 tour this week in KBS $ taper 130x . Amazing iron and TM P7-Mc was a close 2nd with T-100 finishing 3rd. I need help though. Do I go with the black kbs or chrome??? Help me out. And let me know your thoughts on the newest Mizuno jpx line.
  10. IMO P770’s should be in the players distance category as well. Speed foam and 1deg stronger than traditional lofts.
  11. Playing the Sim in a 9deg with a tour Ad iz6x. No doubt has been the best driver I’ve hit and played since the 2016 m2. IMO the only thing that comes near it is ping g410lst and the cobra line. This thing is a straight up weapon.
  12. Used to hate hybridS , tried so many of them, all of them were absolute hook machines that sat so closed at address, until the 2016 m1 Sits neutral and that moveable weight To the toe is beautiful.. It’s still in the bag and isn’t going anywhere. I still rotate a 3i in when it’s windy, but that thing Is dynamite for me.
  13. Callaway also is great with stuff like this and handles it directly
  14. I almost don’t want to ask, but someone will eventually..... are these sky marks?
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