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  2. Like both mark and Rick. Both fun and easy going, but Mark does seem to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder, it’s like the guy who makes fun of the try hards, but then he is one of the ones who secretly tries the hardest. And the snub by mark for the YouTube golfer tourney, kinda lame on Marks part. I mean it’s for charity man.
  3. -Travis -Alberta, Canada -Evnroll er7 37” 70 lie 2.5 loft -strength
  4. Tier 1: Rickie Fowler Tier 2: Louis Oosthuizen Tier 3: Jason Dufner Tier 4: Adam Hadwin Tier 5 Steve Stricker Tie breaker/winning score -1
  5. Added from Canada! Not too many of us on there
  6. 45 rounds on my Arrcos 360. Has shown me so much about my game, issues with individual clubs and yardage's. Honestly the platform gives you so much data but you have be the one to find it and dig in to the data to really improve. Anyone else feel like the social aspect could be better though?
  7. It's now at 37.25” . I played around with the length of the extension until I picked a length that felt comfortable with. Then used a ball on a mirror to make sure I was still looking directly down at the ball, keeping eyes centred on the line. I guess ping now was adjustable length drivers as “MyGolfSpy recently did an strong arc fitting. It was very interesting. Definitely created more confidence for me as well
  8. About a year ago I had a thought being a guy who is taller at 6'3”. “ A size 30 length pant wouldn't fit me so why should the standard putter length” Since then I found a length that felt comfortable and where I could still center my eyes over the ball and cut a 2.25 length extension. This was honestly the best thing I've ever done with my putting game and I have improved a lot since then. Anyone else have thoughts on this? The biggest reason for doing it was I felt so uncomfortable bending over and down to a putter, felt so much more natural to make it a bit longer.
  9. Turned a flat cat sideways. I'm not sure why but I love the feel of it that way. Been using the 140cc golf pride for a while but I'm loving this
  10. I've had this putter for 6 years, I would say the same it has made me a more confident putter especially from long distances. I put a 2” extension on it since I am taller and that was the best thing I ever could have done for my putting game. A size 30 length pant doesn't fit me so why should a shorter putter
  11. Welcome to the forums LIGHT THE CANDLE :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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