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  1. I would love to be reviewer/tester for Precision Pro NX9HD. Doug , Victoria, BC Rangefinder and GPS Nixon Octane rangefinder and Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors
  2. I would love to try these Bridgestone wedges. I also use Arccos system on my clubs so I have data from my current wedges that can be used as comparison to Bridgestone wedges. Doug Victoria, BC 16 Taylormade RBladez Tour KBS Tour shaft P (48°) Taylormade RBladez Tour KBS Tour shaft A (52°) Callaway Mack Daddy Tour KBS Tour shaft PM Grind (56°/13) Would like to test 52°, 56°, 60° wedges.
  3. Would love to test these and hopefully recover distance and height. Doug BC, Canada Taylormade R-Bladez Tour KBS Tour R flex 130 yds (Arccos statistic)
  4. Doug, BC, Canada Taylor made RBZ Stage 2/ Fujikura Rocketfuel More Approx 95mph 16.0hcf ST 180 12.5 degree Lite (Mitsubishi Bassara)
  5. I use Arccos with android without data. Never used V2 (watches too small for old eyes). Phone is in front pocket so you grab it when you need to otherwise it stays there. Nobody has mention this but Arccos has tremendous support and response. In 18 months I have used it from new user & through upgrades they have always been there quickly to help with suggestions and fixes.
  6. I have had Arccos 360 system for 18 months. 266 rounds, 30+ different courses. I leave it in my pocket and do not adjust or play with it during round. Typically I may miss about 3 strokes in a round which I edit after round. Great when you go to different course as you get the layout and distances. I know my club distances and where the gapping problems are (fixing them is another issue). On golf trips I will play 2 rounds a day and my phone still has charge on phone at end of day I just lost first sensor (Arccos is sending replacement free of charge). YOU WILL NEVER FIND ANY COMPANY THAT
  7. Welcome to the forums DougLeslie :)


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