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  1. It's pure junk! Be thankful you passed on these low grade components.
  2. The tee problem with your group is very simple to solve. The general rule of thumb (and they should make it mandatory), is NO ONE plays from the Blue Tees unless there handicap is 10 or under! If your buddies were actually good golfers (I mean knowledgeable), they would already be abiding by this unwritten rule (which used to be posted on some courses on the first tee box). End of story, end of discussion.
  3. Amazon Golf: Founders Club Fresh Metal $60. Utility woods: 25*/27/*31* so easy to hit. Easeier than hybrids. Try this $60 dollar club, they will amaze you.
  4. If you've been playing golf all on your own for as long as you have, and have never had a golf lesson, then if you think that a putter fitting, or a club fitting will magically change your game, you're absolutely WRONG! Find a good Coach, and improve your golf game through understanding. the golf swing, the golf game. Prior to the era of all of this technology, we had Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, etc... Perhaps they had a club fitter, but I doubt it. They simply put the time in practicing, and gained their improvement through hard work and practice. Go to Youtube and watch the 50 year old video by Ben Crenshaw, "The Art of Putting", and take it from there. Any real good player, worked hard, and gained a deeper understanding of the components of the gtame of golf, and then put it all together. Find a good Coach. After watching the Crenshaw video, you should figure out that putting is mental, and it is based on feel. There are plenty of good stock putters at the golf store to choose from. Forget the "bells and whistles", and simple get a putter that fits your eye, and put the ball in the hole.
  5. Forget getting any hybrids. I will tell you about athe easiest replacement clubs, and they only cost $60 per club. To begin with, I am a single digit handicap, and I have 2 of these clubs in my bag. I was amazed how easy the were to hit. Go to Amazon Golf and look for the utility woods made by Founders Club, called "Fresh Metal". They have lofts beginning at 18*, 21*,,24*27*,31*,34*. If you buy them from Amazon you can very easily return them, for a full refund, if you don't like them. They are slightly offset, so that eliminates the slice. I hit them perfectly straight, and always get the distance out of them. I tried them on a lark, and they turned out to be these magical little clubs, that always produce results. I stumbled across them by accident, ordered them, and loved them. Only $60 per club. You'll be totally surprised (in a good way)
  6. I am beginning to believe your entire web site is a scam and a sham! You're merely a schill for the manufacturers to sell more of there golf equipment. It's impossible to become a tester for any of your offerings and you completely ignore the senior golf playing population, which probably plays more golf per year than any other demographic. I must admit, I am totally and thoroughly disappointed with your website, your design, and especially how you pretend to pose as a legitimate source of valid information. Let's see your response to this negative review of your web site.
  7. After winning closest to the pin @ a Member-Guest Tournament (where I was the guest of one of my golf students); I won a gift from their pro shop. The gift turned out to be a new set of Cleveland Halo XL irons. I took them home and wondered what I would ever do with them. I have been teaching golf for over 45 years, and played to a scratch handicap, for a majority of that time. Being older now, I managed to remain in the mid-single digits, as distance waned and other strengths slowly diminished. What the 'heck', I decided to take this weird looking monstrosities out on the golf course. How could I ever play with a club that looked so large and so different? Boy was I ever "shocked", when these hybrid irons almost hit themselves. I was immediately hitting the ball higher, than I had in a decade, and about a club and a half farther. I didn't notice how they looked, but I did notice how they played. The Cleveland Halo XL irons are a legitimate golf club. As a matter of fact, I haven't played my other so called forged 'players' irons since. I have shared this revelation with many of my students, particularly the ones over 50, and they are now also enjoying the ease of these golf clubs. I actually find conventional golf clubs, so much more of an effort to hit, that why bother. I committed 100% to the Cleveland Halo XL irons, and have not ever looked back. This is a testimonial to anyone looking to simply enjoy hitting the ball higher and farther than whatever iron they are currently playing. Ultimately, I believe that clubs like the Halo's are the way of the future. Almost every manufacturer has come out with a more hybrid type set of irons. I have now tried them all, and believe that the Halo's are the best of the lot. Trust me, no one was as surprised as I was to have discovered the Cleveland Halo XL hybrid irons. Who knew that a 158yd 7 iron on a par 3, @ a Member-Guest tournament, hit to 5'8' from the pin, would earn me a brand new set of these irons. Fortunately for me, my swing held up, and I did in fact win 'closest to the pin', with that shot. Only to discover a more fun way to play. My iron play has never been better. I only wish I had irons like this in my bag, so much earlier in my golfing career. Oops, they could've found their way in sooner, since their technology has just arrived in the last few years. I am certain that these Cleveland Halo XL irons, will extend not only my golfing career, but also keep my handicap in the single digit range. Not bad for a senior golfer over 70. Means, that I can still keep 'bragging' about my golf game, probably into my 80's, where I will still be shooting in the 70's ... lol
  8. GolfTec = GolfWreck. Why would anyone take a golf lesson indoors, when ball flight is too artificial to see or learn from. It's like taking a swimming lesson on dry land, and not actually in the water. Hogan said that the "ball" was the teacher. Hit it--watch it--follow it--find it. The do it again. Your instructor is being told by the computer, which by the way, @ most GolfTec's are already obsolete, what you are doing wrong. They simply compare your angles to the averages of the top players. Anyone can do that. The value of the teacher is to fix or correct those issues. There's a re reason that they "Up-sell" you packages of lessons in advance,it's because, a majority of their students would not show up for the next one, except they already paid for it. I guess if you think it was beneficial, then it was. I'd be curious to find out if there will be any real improvement after your 5 sessions are completed; or will 'Joey' try to up-sell you more pre-paid sessions. I talk to guys all the time that do not ever complete all of their sessions. That's why you can't give your lessons to someone else. Like I said: "GolfTec = GolfWreck"....
  9. Club Champion is notorious for "up-selling" clubs and shafts (that's their intention). As a teaching professional, for over 45 years, and having taken many students for club fittings; it all comes down to money. It's yours, but they want it ... lol To be perfectly frank, I have NEVER seen any perceptible, noticeable, or actual significant improvement, after many of my students, opened their wallets and emptied on Club Champion's counter. Hogan, Nicklaus, Player, Watson, etc ... didn't play with exotic equipment, and their accomplishments speak for themselves. If you'll sleep better at night thinking you're going to magically play better with all of this exotic equipment in your bag, then good luck. You'd be better served spending your money on playing more, practicing more, and finding the rtight Coach to guide your golf odyssey. Study the game. LET THE GAME TEACH YOU! There, I spoke my piece. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but I'll bet you that Callaway offers some upgraded in stock shaft additions, that are 90% less expensive (and will get the job done for you). I mean, I'm 73, and play with all stock, off the wall equipment, and still manage to be a single digit golfer. Go figure ... lol
  10. I have been teaching golf for almost 50 years, and in the very beginning of this "club fitting" frenzy, I actually brought quite a few of my students, for personalized fittings. What did I see? Actually what I saw was NO SIGNIFICANT improvement in any of their golf swings, or their golf scores. My ultimate conclusion to any 'non-tour' golfer, is DO NOT waste your money on these fittings. All that you'll end up with, is a huge bill. BTW: a Tour golfer would get fitted for free, anyways ... lol Like they say ... "it's the Indian, not the arrow". It couldn't be more clear than that expression. So don't waste your money on these custom fitting, they're a huge waste of resources, and all of the so-called club fitters, are just "up selling you on these exotic shafts and clubs". All you need to know about buying a putter, is what type of stroke do your produce, i.e. full-arc, half-arc, straight, etc. Once you've figured that out, then you'll know what type of putter to purchase. And I promise you, that it won't be a $750 dollar custom made over priced exotic tour type brand. As it is, the cost of so-called brand name putter has crept up to the $200-$300 dollar range. I make plenty of putts with my 20 year old Ping Beryllium Karsten TR B60. (I will say that you have to like the cosmetics of your putter, but that is entirely personal). The putter helps, but your putting stroke is what really matters. Just ask Ben Crenshaw, as he says (in the "Art of Putting"), putting is 90% feel, and the remaining 10%, is 100% feel ... lol. Don't be fooled and charmed into a huge investment of time and resources, for an experience, that most likely with not significantly improve your golf. Now I'm certain all of the golfers that have spent their cash on these custom fitting, will probably 'disagree' with my opinion (but it's an educated opinion), to rationalize and justify the expense of their own custom fitting. Save your money, and just spend more time on the putting green!!! Oz, has spoken ... lol
  11. Best way to putt ever! I used a long putter for over 20 years. It took me from a 14 hcp., to a 2 hcp. I make every short putt (literally, from 8 feet in), and I have learned to control my lag putting distances. I found it so much easier on my back, since I could actually just stand up and putt. Changing the rules about "anchoring" the putter, was an incredible step backwards in the game and rules of golf. A lot more players, especially beginners, would have found the long putter a much more effective way to putt. I don't adhere 100% to the non-anchoring aspect, but I am not on the PGA tour, or playing USGA sanctioned tournaments. I am simply enjoying the game of golf, since I have alleviated the problems normally associated with missing short putts by using the long putter.
  12. I was given a pair of SQAIRZ golf shoes for Xmas, by one of my grateful students. I must admit, from the first round I ever played in them, they have made my closet full of expensive golf shoes, basically obsolete. TO BEGIN WITH, THEY ARE SIMPLY MORE COMFORTABLE, AND I AM LESS FATIGUED AFTER WEARING THEM DURING A ROUND OF GOLF. THEY ARE DEFINITELY MORE STABLE, WHICH I EXPERIENCED IMMEDIATELY. AND ODDLY ENOUGH THEY KEEP ME SUPER QUIET WHILE PUTTING, SO I NOTICED AN IMPROVEMENT IN THAT PART OF MY GAME, ALSO. THE SQUARZ TOE DESIGN HAS ME FINISHING MY TURN SO COMPLETELY, THAT I END UP ON THE SQUARE TOE DESIGN, IN A PERFECTLY BALANCED FINSIH, EVRY SHOT. My only problem with the shoes, is that I have only one pair in black. NOW, I must re-coordinate all of my golf outfits, to accommodate wearing black shoes ... lol Now I am bound to have to get a white pair of SQAIRZ, so I can wear the remainder of golf outfits in my closet ... lol In all of my 60 years of playing and teaching golf, I have never attributed the slightest improvement coming from my golf shoes. Now I can! Try a pair of SQAIRZ, and you will see what I am raving about.
  13. The "long" putter is by far the best way to put. Why do you think they changed the rules about using them, and not being able to 'anchor' them to your upper body. The "long" putter, cultivates the best notion of a pendulum stroke. I should know, I used the "long" putter for 25 years, and it was by far the best way to put. Use the 'claw' type grip in your right hand on the lower grip. It will further stabilize the putter face. Everyone thinks that they are a much better putter, than they actually are. Forget the double anchoring rule, unless you play in sanctioned tournaments, and just putt with it, Bernard Langer style. Personally I would choose a mallet type long putter, as it will help with the longer lag type putts. My final thoughts about the "long" putter, is that it makes the putts magically half their actually length. A 10 footer will feel like a 5 footer. A 20 footer, like a 10 footer, etc, etc. You will definitely enjoy the way a long putter feels and especially how much smoother it rools the ball. And you will especially enjoy draining more putts!
  14. Kirkland gofl balls are pices of #$%$! They\re hard as rocks, and if your swing speed is about 185mph, then you might be able to compress one of them. Ypu should have gotten either a slice of pizze or a hot dog at Costco instead of those Kirkland golf balls.
  15. The Callaway Mac Daddy CB wedges, are by far one of the easiest, if not the easiest, 'cavity back' wedges to hit. If you're playing cavity back irons, then I would continue to play the Mac Daddy CB. I took my own advice and switched to the Mac Daddy CB wedges (50*/56*/60*) and couldn't be happier with their consistency and forgiveness. I'm 73, and still play to an 8 hcp. I play graphite irons, but prefer the feel and resonance of steel shafts in my wedges. Muscle back wedges are definitely more precise, but also require the proficiency in your golf swing to extract that higher performance. Golf is tough enough, so why complicate things more. You should check with Callaway and see if they can refurbish the groves, and make your wedges, as good as new again.
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