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  1. Gary Haykin Los Angeles, CA 8 hcp Senior Golfer Currently play Ping G25/graphite (Senior flex) I have never seen you choose a "senior" golfer to be a tester, when actually one of the larger golfing demographics, are older; who have the time and money to play multiple times a week. I carry a single digit handicap, and and more than qualified to be a tester. I would prefer to play with a graphite senior shaft. So give me an opportunity to become a tester, and offer some feedback to the older golf playing population.
  2. First name/City State Gary Haykin Current Wedge Played Ping Glide 2.0 56*/12* bounce Loft You would Choose 56* SW/12* bounce I am a senior golfer and play 3-4 times a week. I still carry a single digital hcp, and my SW is a crucial scoring club in my bag. I would switch clubs immediately if I encounter a better playing brand. I wil be glad to test your Clevelend wedge and ive you accurate and informed feedback.
  3. As a retired teaching professional, who used to play to aa scratch hcp. for over 35 years---now in my 70's, I have adjusted my shafts through the years to accommodate my changing swing speed. Adjusting flex, weight, torque, and kick point, I have managed to remain a single digit golfer. Now in my mid 70's, I have noticed a very limited choice of shafts that seniors can play and get the assistance from the shaft, that they deserve. I have a very good swing, but at my age I would like a little more engineered technology in my shaft selection. Most of you will not know this until you reach my age, that a little help, wouldn't hurt. Your swing is slower, your compression is softer, so getting the ball up in the air, could be made easier with the shaft companies, offering one of the largest golf playing segments more selection. We are the golfers with the time and the money to play golf regularly, yet you have seemed to have forgotten us.
  4. First Name/State: Gary Haykin--Los Angeles, CA Handicap: 10 Current Brand Wedges Played: Wilson Staff 56*/11* bounce Your favorite type of wedge shot: 60 yards and in
  5. Gary Los Angeles 12hcp Taylormade M2 10.5* (senior flex) Irons Cleveland CBX Wedges: Ping Glide 2.0 (50*/56*) I have never seen you give someone who plays a senior flex shaft, a chance to be a tester. If this driver adds yardage, it would make sense to let a senior golfer be a tester, and see if it can return the length, that they once had. Would like to test the Exotics driver 10.*, with a senior flex shaft.
  6. Well over hlf of the active playing golfers are seniors. Yet, I have never seen a senior golfer chosen as a tester. It is about time! 1. Gary Haykin -- Los Angeles 2. 12 hcp 3. Current driver: TM M2 (senior flex) 4. Choice: Ping G410 Plus (senior flex) Like I said, it is about time to choose a tester, from the largest demographic of golfers. Choose a senior golfer to test the new Ping G410Plus. We could use the added distance and forgiveness, in the club.
  7. 1. First name and city/state: Gary Haykin Los Angeles, CA 90064 2. Handicap 12hcp 3. Current Wedges Ping Glide 4. Your desired set/lofts 50*/56* (10* bounce)/60*
  8. Gary Haykin 10 hcp (play 3 times week) Current driver: TM M2 10.5* senior flex Demo: Ping 400/Taylormade/Mizuno I am a senior golfer, and I think it is time you offered a testing trial to an older golfer. It is usually the senior golfers that are looking for that "lost" distance off the tee. I would love to be a tester, and help other senior golfers select a better driver for their game.
  9. Gary Haykin Los Angeles, CA 8 hcp. Wilson Staff C300 senior flex i210 I would love to be a tester for these Ping irons, and represent single digit senior golfers.
  10. Gary Haykin Los Angeles, CA 8 hcp. Wilson Staff C300 senior flex i210 I would love to be a tester for these Ping irons, and represent single digit senior golfers.
  11. Gary Haykin (68 yrs old) Los Angeles, CA 10 hcp Cleveland CBX Launcher irons (senior flex graphite) Time to give a senior golfer an opportunity to be a tester. A forged club with a graphite shaft is a soft and sweet combination. I would love to test these new Hogan irons and show older, and lower handicapped golfers, that there are lots of potential possibilities of clubs to play. So I have been playing for over 50 years, and would bring a unique perspective to the testing of these new Hogan irons.
  12. Gary Haykin Los Angeles 8 hcp. Cleveland RTX 3 (50/56/60 degrees) Love my edges from 120 yards and in. Would love the opportunity to test these beautiful Bridgestone wedges. If the perform as good as they look, then count me in....
  13. Gary Haykin Los Angeles, CA 12 hcp. currently using Taylormade M2 3/5/7 fairway woods senior flex. Would love the opportunity to test these Tour Edge Exotic fairway woods. I have heard that they are incredibly long. It's time you chose an older golfer to test some of your products. As you get older and lose your "younger" distances, testing a club known for it's distance, would be a good fit.
  14. My GPS watch is vaguely accurate for knowing general front/middle/back on greens. I enjoy when someone in the grou has a rangefinder and gives me "exact" yardages to the pin, hazards, etc. I felt like a pro getting the yardages from his caddie. I would love the opportunity to be a tester for the Precision Pro NX7 PRO Laser Rangefinder./ Gary Haykin Los Angeles, CA 10 hcp. Play 2-3 times a week.
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