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  1. I use the Maltby TE forged irons with Nippon 950 shafts(great combo and love the irons) but I find it hard to believe these FDI's would out perform my Tour Edge EX10 hybrids with Recoil 670 shafts and E8 Beta 3wood with the Aerotech Claymore shaft and my new CBX #2 iron-wood with the hzrdus shaft, but I've been proven wrong before, lol. Like with the irons, I had Mizuno MP57's before, I'll be hard pressed to get the TE's out of my bag now. I've never tried the Recoil 660 shafts, how do they compare to the 670?
  2. What is Hosel Rocket?
  3. Damn, that's more than pretty good, 60 drives and that's the average. Those Chrome Soft balls are ones I never liked, never played them long enough to really check drive distance averages, just never like the way they flew or their distances period.
  4. When you say shorter shaft/lighter clubhead are you referring to woods? If you are then it's the other way around, shorter shaft heavier clubhead, a 3wd head is heavier than a driver head and a hybrid head is heavier than a 3wd head.
  5. Aerotech Claymore MX48, best shafts I've played in my driver and 3wd(after trying Rogue silver, various Matrix, Pro Launch etc.), and they are dirt cheap.
  6. WalterS

    Modus 105 vs 950GH

    So you're going back to the 950GH? I play the 950GH R and just love the shaft. I came from a D300S.
  7. Wow, a 23 yard increase just by going from a chrome soft to a ProV1X with a 92mph ss, really. Was that just one drive or was that consistent over a few rounds? If that's over numerous rounds that's bloody amazing, because the ball test doesn't even show that kind of difference between those 2 balls at any SS. Were you checking that with a shot function on your gps?
  8. LOL, well that is quite a gain in distance, I'll say that much.
  9. So no more "Callaway chrome soft" as in soft balls don't go very far, but 50 yrds less, that's amazing. I just looked in my bag and there were a couple of the CS, into the garbage they go.
  10. That wasn't the Z Star XV but the softer Z Star?
  11. It was MGS who said they would be linear but they got that info from one of the manufacturers.
  12. Yes they were all 2019 editions
  13. So that was the Z Star not Z Star XV? And you thought it was a little too firm. If it was the XV I could understand that but if it's the Z Star then it should feel softer than the XS and spin less according to the data. What, Tiger is allowing them to change his ball. I'm guessing he must have a lot of input into the changes.
  14. And what ball was that?
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