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  1. Interesting that they didn't come out with their new "best performing driver" in time for the MGS driver tests so people could see how it compares against the rest of "what's new for 2020" in the same test setup. I'm guessing that was by "best design" too.
  2. I put then in my Check go pro and put a line on them and I'll use them on rainy days.
  3. % out of my 6 dozen Srixon Z Stars I would consider perfect after doing the float test.
  4. Post pictures? It was a simply Epsom salt water float test, what kind of pictures do you need to see? DO you not believe my conclusions?
  5. I did the Epsom water test on 3 sleeves of ProV1X(brand new older version), the first 2 sleeves all the balls tested heavy one side and they came to rest very quickly to the same point, didn't bother testing the last sleeve with QC like that. So much for Titleist's QC. I did the same tests for 6 dozen of the newest Z Star and out of the 6 dozen about 1 dozen I would consider slightly out of balance and the other 5 were perfect, which means after every spin in the water they came up slowly to a random spot. I also tried a couple sleeves of an older Z Star XV(new balls) and they were a litt
  6. Yes I agree, who needs the extra dispersion with added length making it a recipe for higher scores.
  7. I kind of figured that might have been the purpose of them (and that they weren't working correctly afterwards) but I just thought I'd ask. Thanks Did you try the MTBx if you're going for distance, although it does have a higher descent angle which would make it run out less.
  8. Yeah it looks like the BX has a good carry distance with a lower descent angle which should give it more run out than the other balls. I'm not sure what the purpose of the point graphs are though. Clicking on the dots doesn't tell what ball is which. What did you mean for it to show? Or am I missing the whole point.
  9. Okay the new one works fine. I downloaded it and saved it as an excel file then opened it and it works great, thanks for sharing your hard work on this.
  10. Yes I found the same thing-view only.
  11. I use the Maltby TE forged irons with Nippon 950 shafts(great combo and love the irons) but I find it hard to believe these FDI's would out perform my Tour Edge EX10 hybrids with Recoil 670 shafts and E8 Beta 3wood with the Aerotech Claymore shaft and my new CBX #2 iron-wood with the hzrdus shaft, but I've been proven wrong before, lol. Like with the irons, I had Mizuno MP57's before, I'll be hard pressed to get the TE's out of my bag now. I've never tried the Recoil 660 shafts, how do they compare to the 670?
  12. Damn, that's more than pretty good, 60 drives and that's the average. Those Chrome Soft balls are ones I never liked, never played them long enough to really check drive distance averages, just never like the way they flew or their distances period.
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