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  1. Good to hear you're liking the TEs too. Yes I wonder if the DBM version's grooves hold up longer. I guess one option would be to buy a spare set of TE heads before they stop making them.
  2. the actual swing weight number doesn't matter, what matters is can you feel the head. If you can't feel the head then you need to add weight to it until you can feel the head when you swing it. well getting a lighter club will help you swing it faster, but getting your muscles to react to help you swing it faster is what you want. I would suggest doing some kettlebell swings, pick a weight you can handle safely for 5 sets of 5 to 10 swings. Work up to numbers and over time your body will get used to moving that KB and in turn your swing will pick up some speed, but it won't happen overnight an
  3. Great for you Fjd, I heard the EXS220 was a nice driver head. Get some spare head weights(for swing weighting) from TE and cut that sucker down to 44".
  4. Well if he's hitting it all over the face then it may be too long, try a 44". I'd also agree that a senior shaft may not be the right way to go either, try just a regular shaft, yeah I know who's regular as regular is not always regular. As far as lessons go, I'd be careful there, "some" of these so-called instructors don't know sh!t when it comes to giving "proper" swing lessons. But they sure like your money, ha-ha. As far a head goes, if you're not a big hitter to begin with just find yourself an older M1 or M3, those will work just fine for you. Now you're asking yourself what loft, don't
  5. "to remember why they are such a great club but am also reminded why I like the TS-1's that much more. Now I have him considering a set of TS-1's or 2's. We'll see." Well that sentence sort of sums it up doesn't it, ha-ha. Great, now you'll have me thinking about if the TS-1's could be in my future. But the TS-1 is a 2 piece forged with some polymer in the middle isn't it, where as the TE is a true one piece. Well if your dad likes them better and also plays better with them let me know. Are you going to put the same 950 shafts in his new ones too.
  6. Thanks for your take on the differences between the two. Maybe some day I'll buy a couple heads to try out. Yes the offsets aren't really that much for either of them, so to the naked blind eye you'd never see it and I can't imagine that that little of an offset makes much difference in squaring up the face, but you never know I guess. I have Nippon NS 950GH shafts(with Pure DTX mids grips) in mine and they work for me(okay, well most of the time, ha-ha)
  7. Yeah I was calling him the rock star but he quickly pooh poohed that, ha-ha.
  8. I'd have to agree with you there, the TE heads are great(better than my MP57s). I've had them for maybe 4 years now that I really don't have that many rounds on them. My question is how long will the grooves in these last playing 80 rounds a year and should I stock up on another set of heads for backups just incase they decide to stop making them.
  9. "Wishon was also a drummer for the Steve Miller band!" Well........ that is not quite completely true. Although he did sit in on the taping of the Fly Like an Eagle album and yes I do believe he told me it is him drumming on one of the tracks on the album. But no he was never "the drummer" for Steve Miller. They just happened to be at the golf course where he was working and found out he was a drummer and asked him to sit in because their drummer was sick. And that is straight from the horse's(Tom's) mouth to me.
  10. So what aspects of the TS-1 do like over the DBM/TE heads, besides they are more expensive, ha-ha. They are nice looking, but they have more offset for each club whereas the TEs have a constant offset. I see the TS-1 use 1025C carbon steel and the TE uses 1035 carbon steel. I'm sure exactly how much difference that really makes or which one is softer feeling etc. Like you said, beats the cost of OEM by a huge amount.
  11. Interesting that they kicked out the expensive Pings. At the moment I have Mizuno T7, but my GW is the TE. But I think my next ones will be the TSW.
  12. I've tried various heavier shafts(>60g in various brands and flex ratings) in both my drivers and FWs. I find I prefer a lighter shaft(50g-ish). I do tend to add tip weights(not much) so I can feel the head weight during the swing. The total weight of the club does end up a little lighter, while still being able to feel the head. I do put my own clubs together and use my swing weight gauge to put the SW where I need it, although SW is not the be all end all. Having your own SW gauge helps get things where I like them. I have to use mid size grips, which adds more weight(58g vs 48 for reg-ty
  13. So true, like everything in golf you need to test it, what works for one may not work for another, but there are still some basic rules I guess that stand. Unfortunately too many golfers can not afford that luxury or being fitted so they rely on forums like this to help them out.
  14. How are they understand damp or wet conditions, would they match up to the Ping Glides.
  15. Well I'll have to give another big vote for the TE heads. I have the Nippon Pro 950 shafts in them, best irons I've had, and my last set were Mizuno MP57s and these TEs are so much nicer. Of course the shaft accounts for some of it. I haven't tried any of their wedges yet, but one day I will.
  16. So with that logic, wouldn't all the pros be using heavy shafts, when is actual fact most of them use 60's or less. Rory uses a 60 in his driver. The LPGA players usually use driver shafts in the 50's. Using a heavier shaft is going to slow down your head speed, I suppose a heavy shaft might be more accurate but you'll be a lot shorter. Or maybe you could just get fitted for the proper lighter shaft to begin with and have the best of both worlds. Just a thought.
  17. Interesting that they didn't come out with their new "best performing driver" in time for the MGS driver tests so people could see how it compares against the rest of "what's new for 2020" in the same test setup. I'm guessing that was by "best design" too.
  18. I put then in my Check go pro and put a line on them and I'll use them on rainy days.
  19. % out of my 6 dozen Srixon Z Stars I would consider perfect after doing the float test.
  20. Post pictures? It was a simply Epsom salt water float test, what kind of pictures do you need to see? DO you not believe my conclusions?
  21. I did the Epsom water test on 3 sleeves of ProV1X(brand new older version), the first 2 sleeves all the balls tested heavy one side and they came to rest very quickly to the same point, didn't bother testing the last sleeve with QC like that. So much for Titleist's QC. I did the same tests for 6 dozen of the newest Z Star and out of the 6 dozen about 1 dozen I would consider slightly out of balance and the other 5 were perfect, which means after every spin in the water they came up slowly to a random spot. I also tried a couple sleeves of an older Z Star XV(new balls) and they were a litt
  22. Yes I agree, who needs the extra dispersion with added length making it a recipe for higher scores.
  23. I kind of figured that might have been the purpose of them (and that they weren't working correctly afterwards) but I just thought I'd ask. Thanks Did you try the MTBx if you're going for distance, although it does have a higher descent angle which would make it run out less.
  24. Yeah it looks like the BX has a good carry distance with a lower descent angle which should give it more run out than the other balls. I'm not sure what the purpose of the point graphs are though. Clicking on the dots doesn't tell what ball is which. What did you mean for it to show? Or am I missing the whole point.
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