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  1. Yeah that's few balls to go through, ha-ha. Who knows maybe next years versions of the ZStars will be more improved(and less expensive even though they are already) and rate higher on the 2020 ball test results.
  2. Thanks for the further explanation. You never mentioned testing either of the ZStar balls, is it you just don't like them from previous play. Apparently they have changed(improved) them in the past couple years.
  3. Interesting to say the least. Keep us updated on the ventures with the new MTBX and also on the Prov1X and Tour BX when you get around to playing them. Or did you say you played the other balls already, what's your take on them, do they match up to the test results? Are you aware of the test data on the MTBX while you're playing the ball? Does any of it fit, of course maybe it's too early to judge it just yet. The extra length seems to be holding true at least. Can't wait to hear what Dean Snell has to say, apparently(after talking with Snell) he's waiting for the real raw data from
  4. Exactly the reason why I don't really trust some of the data from GC Quad type launch monitors. Trackman seems better suited to this type of testing.
  5. Right, already found it, after I posted I thought you might have been referring to MGS, thanks. Interesting comments by the Bridgestone Rep.
  6. Which blog would you be referring to?
  7. I just asked Tony C. that question over in the ball test writeup, we'll see if he answers.
  8. Okay, thanks for the explanation on the why of your comment. Were you testing the new 2019 Srixon balls, I heard they made them feel softer than last years, according to Srixon they also lowered the comp. for the XV from 105 to 102, the zstar remained at 90.
  9. I'm curious why you say you can't compress the XV enough. Point #4 in the ball test writeup MGS stated; 4. Don’t Worry About Compressing The Golf Ball Let’s tackle one of the most common golf ball myths. Forget what you might have heard, you swing fast enough to compress the core of the golf ball. Our testing showed that golf balls do not perform differently at different swing speeds – at least not to any significant degree. Balls that are fast at 115 MPH are fast at 85 MPH. You play the TP5X (104) which is only 7 points lower than the XV (111) and you feel your 100mph SS i
  10. You make some good points but, like you say with our imperfect swings, which most have lots of variables, we don't need to be adding more variables into the equation. So it would make perfect sense( to me or in my opinion) to pick a ball with the best data, particularly offline dev/ carry dev(dispersion or shot area) so as to lessen the extra variables.
  11. Let the battle begin as to who's correct. Let's not forget that unless I'm mistaken the MGS were hitting balls out into the outdoors and also observing them and maybe they even had guys out where the balls were landing too to double check offline and distances.
  12. Nice job. I did mine about a year ago but I used 1" brass rod and just milled them to get the proper weights required for each colour. For the shafts I got 3 pulled Ping driver shafts, which I got for free from the local GolfTown. They work just fine, although I think they are a touch shorter than the real sticks because of the shafts being pulls, but I don't care too much about that.
  13. hmmm, well that's not good, seems from the responses that it may be a problem. Most expensive ball and they scuffing problems.
  14. I'm going to guess you play a TP5(but the old ones), only because most of your clubs are (old)TM, haha. As for people analysing the data, everyone has their own interpretations of data regardless of the field from which the data came from. And not everyone has the same ideas of what performance parameters are important to them. I find it interesting to listen to others and what they find important in the data.
  15. Good to hear they held the line better. Interesting to see you've played what you have, do you prefer the MTBX over the others. I've played the TP5/ProV's/ Srixon but not the MTBX. I was a little put off by some of the test results and not just the driver data. Just going by the data I'd pick the ProV1X or Srixon Zstar/XV -Tour BX. But does it really matter which of these top performers an amateur plays, I doubt it but who knows. I question some of the robot's numbers, not because I know any better, just because some of them don't make sense when looking at the trends.
  16. Interesting, what's your driver swing speed. That's a considerable distance difference between the two considering the distances.
  17. Could you tell us what balls you used previously that you're comparing the MTBX to. Did you find them going to the extreme left off the driver(115mph) like the tests indicated they did. What is your driver swing speed.
  18. Another confusing statement in the original article under the FAQ, I only see 2 balls, the Qstar and the MTBX that are over 20 yds in the std dev chart(or any other chart). Am I missing something here?; Looking at the charts again, I suppose if you take the avg offline and add it to the std dev offline then you'll get the over 20 yds. Q: What type of consistency issues did you observe during the test? A: In high-speed driver testing, several balls produced shots more than 20 yards or more offline. Those balls were the Bridgestone Tour B RX and Tour B RXS, Callaway Chrome Soft
  19. I agree, 1/10 is bad 1/100 not bad at all.
  20. jlukes, how does looking at the std dev chart tell you how many times a certain ball was hit with any club?
  21. I think the "how many balls were hit per club per model" has been asked here and in the comments and I too haven't seen an answer and even listening to their YouTube chat afterwards didn't reveal the answer. Or I just missed it period too.
  22. I'm not sure why they would claim using a robot to test a golf ball is not an accurate assessment of the flight characteristics of a ball. I wonder what they use during their R&D. Maybe MGS didn't use the proper clubs mounted to the robot or something. The point is all the balls were tested using the same setup, so it may not be an absolute accurate representation of any one ball but it would be an accurate comparison of all balls using the same setup...in my opinion....but then what the hell do I know.
  23. Mine aren't black, just the regular TE version, maybe that's why no one comments on my irons, although someone did ask what make my irons were. When I said Matlby they just said oh, with a puzzled look, my reply was you know Ralph Matlby. I think they were thinking Roger Maltby, I wasn't about to explain the difference, ha-ha. I thought about buying the black heads(DBM version) but wasn't sure I'd get used to them or not so I just went with the standard finish. Love them just the same though.
  24. I play the same heads in the TE style, same 950 shafts and Pure DTX grips. Just love'em, best irons I've ever played. And you can't beat the quality and price.
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