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  1. I played 18 yesterday and pulled driver on 10 holes, hit 2 fairways. A few pulls and a few big misses right. Only really put one good swing on the driver and sent it 290 down the middle. The moral of this story is that it has nothing to do with the shaft and everything to do with my mental block with a driver in my hand. The key thing is that this shaft feels amazing and matches up well with my Modus 125x iron shafts. Now I just need to learn how to take a driver swing onto the course.
  2. Didn't work as planned. It was truly that test that no one needed. Spun too much and just lost way too much distance. I'm back to the Mizuno ST200 head but I've tipped the Nippon shaft a half inch.
  3. Thank you so much! It's been a blast being a tester for the first time. This is a great community to be a part of!
  4. Alright I’m back to testing after a wedding hiatus and ready to get back out there with a test that no one asked for but we’re doing it! I’ve now shafted my Regio Formula MB+ 65X with a Wishon 919FD head which is mini driver head if you’re not familiar. The goal here is to see if I can combine the length gains from the shaft to a head shape I find more appealing and one that will hopefully find fairways consistently. I’m fine giving up a few yards to be in the short stuff. Here are some pics of what I’ll be working with. Data and results to come soon.
  5. Right handed, open to various options.
  6. Trackman session complete! Stopped into my local Five Iron Golf and got a quick session in. After warming up and getting a feel for everything, I logged 5 swings with my new setup (Mizuno ST200 and Nippon Regio Formula MB+ 65X) and then 5 swings with my old setup (Srixon Z565 and Aldila NV Green 65X). Here's the video and the Trackman results below that. Mizuno Nippon combo: Srixon Aldila combo: The data says it all, the Mizuno and Nippon combo is staying in the bag. But I didn't even need the data, I knew it from the feel. The Nippon shaft felt so sturdy and solid through the swing and just felt balanced. I was originally fighting some left pulls but I've gotten more comfortable with the idea that I don't need to aim right and guide it. I can line it up and swing it comfortably. While distance is clearly the winner with the Mizuno/Nippon, I am a little concerned with the spin as it's still a bit high. I don't mind it a bit on the high side because I do want to find fairways, but this should come down a bit and it's possible that some setting tinkering could get it there. Also, I was a bit left and right with the Nippon but at least from the look of the flight on the screen, none of them were way offline or troublesome. A little more work with the driver and that should be fine. Most importantly, this has done what I had hoped. I don't feel like I have the big right miss and I feel like I can really go after and release this driver with the Nippon shaft. It just feels reliable and I won't have to stand on the tee feeling like I need to guide it, I can swing more freely. I'm taking this out for 18 holes to validate it on Saturday morning so more to come.
  7. Trackman session for me and my Regio Formula MB+ coming today or tomorrow and 18 holes on Saturday. Weather should be reasonable and finally not winds 40mph+. I should be able to finally string together results worth sharing. The Trackman session will compare this Regio MB+ 65X/Mizuno ST200 combo to a trusty SrixonZ565/Aldila NV Green 65X.
  8. I highly suggest this model when they get it back in stock: https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-economy-swingweight-scale/p/vswc/ I use it, it's cheap, easy to store, and seems to be plenty accurate. It's been fun messing with lead tape and this scale to dial in specs. Just call Golfworks and see when it will be back in stock, they should know.
  9. I built a set of irons and soft stepped them so the irons are playing around .75 inches too long. I’m 5’7” and fitting charts say I should be standard or even a quarter inch short on irons. The thing is, I seem to be hitting it really well with the longer length. I planned to just choke up and try these irons as is but I find myself not choking up. Now the swing weight for the irons is D6 because of their length and I thought choking up would have them play more like D2. Now I can’t decide if I like the longer length or maybe it’s the D6. Would it be crazy to play a longer iron at my height?
  10. I tend to really lose it right or hit a weak cut and I think it's just when I get out of sequence and spin open too fast. Speed isn't my issue, it's keeping things in check and maintaining the right tempo.
  11. I’ll take anyone’s feedback! I’m working on keeping things compact and simple. This is an 8 iron.
  12. Interesting, I found I was pulling it quite a bit as well. I assumed it was swing related and I'm sure most of it is but I do find it interesting that you found the same thing. I was hitting a lot of tight fades but they started left with the pull. I had intended to list out my drives like you have from my round Saturday but I was playing during a wind advisory and it was averaging 40mph. I couldn't take much from that but I did find that I could reliably find a low flight when I needed to. Also, I completely agree that the feel is similar to Graphite Design.
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