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  1. Why are you doing this? Go to a competent club fitter, get on a launch monitor, let him figure out what the correct clubhead, shaft, swingweight, gripsize, etc is best for your swing, swing speed, swing path and all that. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time and money
  2. Three things: 1. What is the peak height number? Doesn’t make sense in feet or yards for 56 degree wedges. 2. Not surprised at all about Mizuno feel. All Mizuno steel is soft whether in irons or putters and forged will always feel better than cast. 3. If you ever get a chance, give Sub 70 forged wedges a shot. Super soft, made to your personal specs, feel like butter, fly high, land soft, and incredible value.
  3. You say you got fitted and then riff on various putters. I know the deal. I have possibly 100 putters acquired over the years. I love them all—for awhiile. I’m all about feel—but I digress. I average 27-28 putts per round at a 5.4 index but in addition to whatever skill I have, it’s essential that the putter(s) that I use are configured properly. You’ve got the toe hang thing down but you said nothing about loft and lie both of which are critical to accuracy. You can buy all the putters in the world but if the loft and lie are wrong you’ll never putt well.
  4. PXG 48, 52, 56, 60. All Gen 2 I would need 2 degrees upright and 1/2” over shafts. Handicap index 4.2
  5. I'm a 7.3 index. Retired, living in Wexford Plantation, Hilton Head, South Carolina. Playing on a world class golf course three to four times a week. My driver is a Titleist 917D2 with a Rogue 60g stiff shaft. Hosel adjustment is set to A4 which is about 12 degrees loft and a draw bias. The weight plug is set for a draw bias. Average driving distance is 230 carry and roll. XXIO 3 wood stiff shaft. Irons are PXG Gen2 3-LW. Titleist AVX balls. Bettinardi Queen B #9 putter. I use a MEVO to measure swing speed, ball flight, and performance once weekly. My driver swing speed averages 97 mph. If I were to test the Mizuno Driver, I would opt for the 12.5 degree loft, stiff flex Tensei blue shaft. I keep a record of my driving distance on all holes on which I use a driver and thus would have pretty solid comparative data relative to my current driver. I am always interested in having the best performing equipment in my bag and not afraid of change to optimize performance. Love to be considered for testing.
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