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  1. Looks nice. Also jacaranda next door. Even though we’ll probably be south of that, because it’s on the highway it’s a reasonable amount of time in the car. Thanks! At some point I may need some key west recommendations from you as well. I was there as a child but that was almost 30 years ago. Can’t wait to drive those ocean bridges again.
  2. would love to see A game scheffler against A game cantlay. throw in A game justin thomas for a fun sunday back nine. would also like to see varner have another great week and actually make it pay with a .
  3. 18th hole, 2 main levels to the green, and i’m in a trap with a downhill lie, and i need the ball to barely crest the slope so i don’t roll off the green into the fairway for a potential double or snowman, and sand is not my strength. ended up hitting the best sand shot i maybe ever have. perfect swing and sand contact, ball floats a little in the air then drops rolls and then almost stops before barely cresting the hill like a well struck putt, down the steep slope to the bottom level of the green, picks up a little steam and ends about 12 feet from the cup. Drained the put for par. When our group tallied up scores, i won the day by 4 strokes. can’t ask for much more than that.
  4. pro xe vs coolshot stabilized 2. need to replace a lost/stolen bushnell pro x2. i loved my bushnell, but i love nikon for cameras/lenses. in body stabilization in the nikon z camera series is out of this world good. Nikon vs Bushnell: -> 7x vs 6x magnification -> stabilized vs non stabilized -> no jolt vs jolt -> no magnet vs magnet -> weather sealing? not sure vs weather sealing that has earned my trust -> $400 vs $550 + tax, as of memorial day weekend. And then finally the trust issue. I’ve taken many thousands of photos with nikon cameras and lenses, and nikon camera equipment has my complete trust, while my bushnell x2, other than the fact that it often takes 5-6 tries to get a number i trust, has been an amazing tool on the golf course for years. i haven’t tried any other rangefinders since i’ve had the x2, so i imagine i’m in for a better experience with either of these options.
  5. Miccosukee is now saved in maps for me. thanks so much for the suggestion.
  6. my partner is took a job in miami near University Park, so i would like her commute to be as short as possible. but that definitely limits our housing options. we are looking in broward country as well, as that area seems to have a lot more cool outdoor activities available, including golf, which fits our lifestyle. so we’ll just have to see how the housing search goes. thanks for the information.
  7. thanks for the very helpful post. when i got the shotscope i was using a superstroke grip with a counterbalance weight on the end, and so i had to use the putter tag attached with adhesive only. that fell off immediately so i ordered a set of tags from shotscope which comes with 2 adhesive ‘P’ tags, iirc. however, i recently switched to the ‘gravity grip’ which I really love, and as a bonus, based on your comment, i just installed the ‘P’ tag with the screw in attachment, which as you say, is very secure. I’m super happy about that, so thanks again. As far as the band, because of it’s direction, i’m constantly knocking the ‘nub used to to secure band once latched, by popping it into one of the band holes’ against something and causing it to come loose, which causes me a lot of irritation. As far as the software interface, next time I have some extra time while trying to edit a round, i’ll try to figure out specifically what my problem is, and write up a post.
  8. so, i’m definitely team shotscope, but i broke the strap only a few rounds in. then i realized, the strap closes in the opposite direction than what i’m used to, as a USA based user. with my open palm towards my face, i’m used to cinching a watch strap from left to right, and the shotscope is the opposite. my question is, is this a european thing? like what side of the road to drive on and how zippers work opposite to how they do in the US? or is it just a shotscope thing? i’m not a watch wearer usually, so maybe it’s a me thing? either way, love the shotscope, but the strap is my main problem with it. my second problem is the tags falling off the top of my clubs and the third is the shot editing user interface. its so confusing, and even when I figured out how the interface works, still doesn’t work that well. still better than arcos, in my opinion. i’m brand agnostic except for clubs that come with arcos built in, as in, i don’t buy those clubs.
  9. moving from california to miami fl in a few months. i know florida has great golf but miami doesn’t seem to have as many options as other parts of the state. i’d love to hear some suggestions for finding great golf that’s not super expensive for regular play purposes. especially looking for good practice areas not connected to a country club. if I have to, i’ll consider a country club if they are golf focused and don’t come with status symbol member fees. thanks for any input.
  10. i’m usually at moffett or baylands, but played delmonte(monterey peninsula adjacent) a couple weeks ago. if you’re looking for an awesome coastal course consider ‘links at bodega harbor’. it’s got a famous architect, low cost for what is, and unbelievable layout/view. it’s 3 hours north of monterey, about a half hour from santa rosa, but it’s definitely worth the trip. go to santa rosa for the weekend, check out some wineries or cannabis what have you, and play at least 3 times. you’ll thank me.
  11. currently playing on the peninsula south of sf. often at moffett, sometimes at baylands. usually in the wind in the afternoon.
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