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  1. i would much rather have lpga on golf channel then stuck behind another paywall.
  2. where that course is (miccosukee) they probably got 9 inches of rain over 3 days for that storm. rain ended thursday morning and I was out playing friday afternoon. there was more water than i’ve ever seen in the lakes but the conditions were surprisingly good for all that water.
  3. that’s unfortunate. my bunker misadventures this week included finding a temporary lake in one:
  4. yeah thats what i was thinking. it’s almost like he overheard people talking about how to cheat but misheard the important bit. unless the vasoline made the ball stick to/stop on the green, and every time he got to the green he replaced with a clean ball to putt with. idk.
  5. that sounds like a pretty decent system actually. thanks for explaining how that works.
  6. Date 11/17/2023 Course Name Miccosukee Barracuda/Barracuda Gross Score 104 Course Handicap 18 Gross Strokes over/under par 32 Net Score to Par 14 Net Score 86 Net Birdies or better 2 Longest Drive 250 SIM Round umbrella works great. i will say, i was playing pretty great on the second nine, until the light caught up with me and played the last two holes in the dark. on the last hole, it was all the way dark. i was shocked i was able to finish.
  7. even so, sometimes the application of the rules are fuzzy: https://www.nbcsports.com/golf/news/1999-wm-phoenix-open-rules-official-recalls-iconic-tiger-woods-boulder-ruling since tiger was able to get a rules official to let him move a thousand lb boulder as a “loose obstruction”, it’s possible he would have been able to get relief from a similar situation to mine in this thread, from that rules official or another. for instance, if a drunken fan had stomped through the bunker in this way, and then tigers ball found itself 5 inches below sand level directly after.
  8. or perhaps @DaveP043 is fallible from time to time. @Subdiver1 ‘s argument at the very least merits consideration.
  9. oh no. there was no way i could see to move that much sand, so i tomahawk chopped an eight iron straight down onto the ball with the ball well behind my back foot in my stance. i made contact and popped the ball out of the bunker but just barely, still in the rough and well above my feet. i hit that with a decent 3 hybrid but while trying not to hook it into the drink from that lie, i put it in another bunker on the right side of the green. adrenaline pumping, i put that bunker shot over the green(and down the hill, but not wet!) and got up and down from there. so, a double bogey six. At least it was good for my total putt number.
  10. you may care less about decade, but your advice is straight out of decade.
  11. nail your setup and keep a consistent pace on the way back and through, and it will be the easiest club in your bag to hit. if you don’t have a ping, get a ping. the 10k that just hit the conforming list would probably be perfect for you.
  12. this is just decade. if you believe this, you should learn the rest.
  13. glove on all shot’s except putting to help control the face angle and minimize the grip twisting in my hands.
  14. dude is massive. there are other biggies down here, but he’s the biggest by far. he often hangs out on a bridge as if he’s collecting tolls before running of when you get close enough.
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